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Friday, February 22, 2013 中古女人




Love more, care more?


这个世界也太他妈的复杂了 不适合我


Thursday, February 21, 2013 Options

Walking along a narrow road beside a sharp cliff could really best describe what I've been going through now, literally.

How good if we were given a tour of all the choices before picking one. Fancy verbal descriptions definitely are not real.

But it's impossible, and I'm learning it the hard way. I heard quitters mentioning about it's harder to really say "I quit!" instead of hanging on. Tempted, but I know it's not right.

Just suck it up, because it's my life. People have all the rights to say just about everything to you, yet it's all up to you making all the decisions.

Why am I doing this again? I don't have any ideas, so I'm super worn out of people asking me questions about my decision. It's just a small part of my life that I've been imagining going through. And now knowing it perhaps may not be the right one kinda get me into a dead end.

I miss being a child, all over again.


Friday, August 24, 2012 Ig is LOVE

Hi loves,

this space has been abandoned long ago, considering to shut it off again perhaps. 
maybe I've grown to not love to share my feelings out to public anymore, nor wanting to record my ups and downs. sometimes it's best to keep it to myself I guess, for me to remember only the goods and forget about the bads. Guess overall it's not bad :)

A little update, I've been doing uhmmm good for my Msc I think. hopefully everything will still go on smoothly. Life's been great so far, except i'm taking too less breaks (excuses!) for my research and tires myself on full mode all the time! :(

Anyways, main reason I'm here is about my Instagram (Ig)! for those who're not aware, it's basically a photo blog and it's addictive! Tonnes of pretty photos on Ig~ weeee.. 

For those who're interested to follow me, my username is wantingy.
Web version of Ig for you to have a taste what it's like~ http://statigr.am/wantingy

Okay, off to my assays again! <3 div="div">

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Hire Me? :)

Graduating from college/university indicates the start of working life, an entirely new phase of life for everyone. With the current education system in our country, I believe not much fresh graduates are mentally prepared to step into the Real and Cruel environment.

Maybe because I was involved in recruiting field previously, it makes me realize that geez! almost 50% (or more) of the fresh graduates do not have the right attitude and mentality to actually start working. Work for the sake of money, carefree attitude, lazy, very dependent, giving tonnes of excuses for your own mistakes and the list goes on and on. You bringing that to the interview session AND working life (so happen that day is your lucky day then, or should I say the employer's bad day) = you're doomed!

If you happen to realize you're one of them, good for you! At least you know, care and will start thinking about it eventually. What's worse is that teenagers/young adults nowadays don't know what's wrong with them, and think that it's okay with their attitude. It's killing me, when I'm surrounded with those kind of young adults, I couldn't and shouldn't voice it out to them. I'm just merely a peer aite? I'm at no position to randomly went all out at a random young adult or even a normal friend. I did scolded a few interviewees though, those who really don't even bother to wear formal wear to interview, walk into the room unprepared, just literally stick to the table while answering questions. Yes, it kinda ticked me off and I really wanted them to have the RIGHT attitude! Hope they do realize I'm doing it for their own good =(

It gets into my mind, again. So here I am, with a wordy tension-releasing post :P

Till then! ^^

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Friday, March 9, 2012 Dream

I've been abandoning this space for quite some time, it's time to wake bloggie up a little~ :)

Life has been great so far, made a move on my life and has been enjoying that ever since.
Making choices is always difficult, especially on the first step. I've been struggling for months, taking advices from dearly friends/experts here and there, making myself confused, looking alternatives, finding ways to accommodate and tadah! I've made my move, one step closer to get what I really want (hopefully :P).

A dream can be as simple as greeting yourself with a big wide smile everyday. Everyone has different dreams or paths to pursue. It is important to have a dream or a target to achieve for. Life is worthless if there's no goals, no? Work for the sake of getting tonnes of money doesn't bring you to somewhere you want. It will, getting you a better lifestyle, a better house (not home), security, etc etc, you name it. That's it, you'll stay stagnant, earning money repetitively, getting promoted at times, doing the same thing over and over again. If it's the simple thing you wanna do for the rest of your life, good luck with that =) I really do know some people just wanted that, simplicity.

Working aimlessly is never my cup of tea. I don't, and never will settle down because of that. I wanted more, and I know some of you do too. Instead of thinking/considering about the consequences or the circumstances over and over again, just take the first move. You'll never know what you've gotten into unless you take the initiative to get into it. It may be the wrong one, you may fall down, get really grumpy, blame yourself about the shitty decision. Yeah, life is not that easy. It takes maybe 1000 wrong decision to lead you to ONE right one. It hurts, but at least you tried. You've no regrets when you look back, or a lot of what-ifs in your mind when you're thinking back when you're about age to settle down.

Oh my, I've really grown up that much huh =O

Never give up on something you really want.
It's hard to wait, but more difficult to regret.

Till when I'm inspired again. *waves*

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 New year, new resolution

Time for new year resolutions again, reviewing the past year's resolution makes me realizes i actually did achieve something :))) here goes~~

1. Get a first class degree and get out of KL
DONE with flying colors~ ^^ and get out of KL immediately! lol

2. A semi-pro/better digital camera
Checked! My Canon baby S95 is doing a very good job. HAPPY :D

3. A job with GOOD pay xD
Considered a yes? It's been a very good experience and the job has been teaching me a lot. Very glad to get a very good offer from my manager, appreciate it but yea, I'm moving on!!! ^^

4. Skincare and makeup routine
Been quite good with that and still improving!

5. Long straight hair
soooo checked! xD although I'm planning to chopping off one inch before CNY, still consider long?

6. Spend more time with Family
Almost a year in Penang now, still doing quite fine :) Another 1-2 years time in Penang and I will be off again to another unknown country (hopefully). Penang is great, but 2011 helps me realizing that Penang will be my hometown but not really the place I'll be settling down~

7. A trip to overseas (exclude Sg & Thai & other nearer countries!)
Unfortunately, I just went to all the exclusion countries (Thai & Sg ONLY!!!!) O.O Couldn't make it for another year as well so it's off from this year resolution T______T

8. Keep in touch with friends
Doing this pretty great too! got to know more friends because of the job and catching up with old friends alot too! *wink*

Last but definitely NOT least, TOP PRIORITY to the max! No 9! Be lovey dovey with Dear *flying kisses*
The sixth year and still going strong! :D a few minor bumps but still doing fine.. Definitely a lot more to improve for both of us, and we'll work through this, together! ^^

Very proud of what I achieved so far (EIGHT out of the nine resolutions ticked!), and for 2012, I don't think I will be making any new resolutions (keeping the 4,5,6,8,9 of course!) because I'll be going through a completely new stage of life, will only know how my resolutions would be after stepping in of course. I have made my mind, hopefully it works out, AND IT WILL BE :DD

Moving out from a comfort zone is something big when there's so many unknowns here and there. Hopefully things wont go haywire pweaaase *begs* Really thanks for all the support and advice from family, BF and my girls <3

Wish me luck people, and I wish everyone the very best for 2012!



Tuesday, November 29, 2011 making decision

Yea, life's about making decision
BUT... can it be slightly less tougher? =/

reality vs dream

others may think it's not that hard, but it is for me

nobody knows what I really want
nobody understands what my concern is
nobody gets what I'm worrying about

will be another sleepless week

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Monday, September 12, 2011 Sleepless night

Without any particular reason, I always stayed until very late for these few weeks
from 12pm to 1am to 2am at times

I wonder why~


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Sunday, September 4, 2011 Formspring me!

Ask me anything!




my life so far

Been thinking what to blog~~ hmm.. will randomly update on my life so far then :)))

been settling at Penang since feb
it's been great, with good food, family & company of course~

attended my degree convo too!
always awesome to catch up with college mates to update on happenings around~
everyone's having their own plan and very glad to know that =D
i think it's almost time to consider mine too ;(
have been slacking for quite some time, ughhhh

doing mani & pedi for quite some time
lovin' all the nude colors on mua nails! huhu
another gadget added for myself ;)
Samsung Galaxy S2 aka baby s2
so I have baby s (Canon s95) and baby s2!!
weeeeeeeee~ =)
righty, moving on to mua job then
Imma outsource specialist recruiter in short
tonnes of ppl asking why I'm doing this, which I am not sure why too
yes, I'm a science graduate BUT im not doing related field
loads of ups and downs for this 5 months+
realizes how reality can be much cruel when it comes to competition
and glad to know there's still some real friends around supporting~


photo taken with my external staffs team building!
that wraps up all my updates
let's see if the blogging ohm will continue
which I think definitely wont
teehee~ ;*)

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

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