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Monday, November 30, 2009 Monday...

...means emo! =/ alrighty i misinterpret the ques for Biotech test, AGAIN! I just have to lose all the marks in test in order to get better result in final. SIGH =( It's jz the repetition of Microbiology -.- im sooooo miserable.

why cant i just get the god damn ques correct ONCE before final? argghhh

luckily i did quite well in Psychology :D *pray hard* exhausted after preparing for the two tests, decided to let myself relax for ONE whole day, which i'll definitely regret tmr. but what the heck? I LIKEYYY =D

im now actually into blogging nowadays! just wanted to come up & release all the tension since nobody's here >.< just some random thoughts every now and then =)

Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宫心计 is a great show! It pin-points human's weakness and BOOMMM greediness is the centre of every crime. terrible terrible =/ going to finish up the super long episode 31!^^

attached a picture to let this post look nicer =D Dear look nice in this shirt but too bad it's a M :(

p/s: commenting is enabled! all thanks to my professional Dear for fixing it =) big mwahhh! Im back although im busy =) Hope it's not temporary LOL

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Sunday, November 29, 2009 new style of blogging *.*

have a sudden urge to blog! that's odd LOL =) this is going to be no-pictures post so u may skip if u dont feel like reading loads of words! make it point form will be easier? READ LA READ LAAAA :D
  1. Will change the skin again if Dear's going to help =) I have the idea but it's all his job to make this blog fresh & new again :D so, stay tuned peeps! muahahahaha
    because i noticed im kinda in love with the comment part. without comment the blog does not look alive anymore >.<
  2. Studying Biotech halfway & ended up here! still in a shopping mood~ aiks why DEC is so near and i still have to study?!
  3. Just had a massive bed wrestling with Dear to wake him up =/ *tired* hahahahha
  4. Im pretty sure i'll screw up this semester =( The subjects are hell tough especially Physiology & Transition Elements! Lecturers are great, able to comprehend slightly but no time to pick up the pace =.= 14 weeks for a long semester with SIX BLOODY subjects are too little o.O
  5. Mad love with the new pearls ribbon necklace i bought. Going to wear it on Mon :DDD
  6. Starving >.<

That's pretty much my current situation lol. will update if i have nothing else to do again ^^
likey this random style of blogging! muahahahaha will do this more often, ta!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009 b'day post to Mincci

dedicating this post to mayyy! it's ur big day =)

wish u all the best & good luck in everything.. although u're not sure about ur dream, im definitely confirm that u'll be one successful person in the future :D

6 years of knowing each other, 4+ years of being such close. we've gone through ups & downs, this makes our friendship invulnerable.

No matter what obstacles to solve, happiness to share or even sorrow to spit, u'll always have us beside. We may not make u smile, we may not resolve anything, only by ur side listening attentively and try our best to comfort =D

Maybe we've drifted apart lately due to my hectic timetable & ur busy life, but i guess we'll be fine (: stay healthy & happy!

by ting & poh, 221109


Thursday, November 19, 2009 exhausted

ughhh, this semester is hell! i've been doing hw from day 1 until now & it's still piling up like a small mountain =(

i've missed out the awesome malacca trip & some b'day posts, really have no time to sort out everything. It's a mess mess mess! =.=

emo emo emoooo~

and i cant wait for internship to come! although no factories/hospitals/laboratories contacted me *double sad* at least i can ignore the study part for 3 months & that's definitely a joy for me :DDDD

okayyyyy, i managed to sneak out for a lil movie & k time tho =P it's fun! im glad i met this gang of coursemates who now becoming my super close friendsss! appreciate that with a big mwahhh! hehehehe

this post is gonna be very random, because im soooo not in the mood for reportsss o.O

and anddddd... i need a breakkkk! i wanna watch 2012 =(

wardrobe clearance is a must must must! makeover makeoverrrrr... my hair's a mess now any ideas anyone?

lastly a picture of us going out last friday, to the readers~ if there's still any ^^

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 Life's short

No one will know when we'll turn into just a memory. A memory that lives within ones soul. Our voice, laughter and even the warmth of our flesh, will cease to exist in this very world. All of them, would eventually become...a memory for our loved ones. I finally understand, but the price i paid is far greater than what i've gain.

Be sure not to regret anything that you're doing, be sure to be cautious with everything you're doing, be greatful with what you have, cause the death god wont warn you when he wants to rip out your very soul.

I know I shouldn't be saying this to you, and I dont want to say it either, but still.. R.I.P. James, you were one nice friend and you will be remembered. Please treasure your love ones and treasure yourself so you won't make them shed a single tear.

R.I.P. , James.

The truth is always so cruel.

Written by Sin Poh & edited by Wan Ting



Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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