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Tuesday, December 29, 2009 a lil shopping before x'mas

Mika's bf came KL few weeks ago and four of us went sunway by cab! =D Let the pictures explain all & I'll add caption aside to make blogging easier ahaha

in front of FullHouse with Santa & waitress

the lil car beside was cute so girls cant stop camwhoring (: The seat is comfy comfyyy!

so xmas-ishhhh I likey!

Thomas, Mika and I
ps: Thomas is the main character's father in the restaurant (if im not mistaken)

me with black headband & Dear with Harry Potter glasses *wink*

white theme is perfect! (:

the Menu

It's my 1st time to the restaurant, so forgive me kayyy? xD

round round glasses us with antique mirror

love love love the decorations!

bought 1 dress & 1 jumpsuit & shorts that day, not going to show until CNY. ahahhaha it's super delayed post i know but im busy k? Final's around the corner and i still can relax after partially-dont-know-how-to-do Genetics test this morning! sighh im too laid back -.- Have to pick up the pace and move onnnnnnnnn! I got no motivation >.<

oh oh! I got Chemistry for my final year project which im so not interested in and someone's willing to swap with me. Im basically hesitating because I have a good teacher advisor. but but..... I prefer Biology! =( Been doing alot of thinking lately about the future. The final year project & thesis are important for my future career so I surely need to think before any decisions made! ughhh, I need opinions~ I'll consult several lecturers tmr and hope it'll be the best solution =)

oh, 2010 is nearer *smirks*

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Monday, December 21, 2009 movie + thoughts

I've been hanging out quite often lately. The never ending workload makes me want to escape even more! So, 3 of us went for movie The Princess and the Frog last last friday (if im not mistaken) The movie is cute with nice songs (: and "OMG! Princess in darker skin tone." inside joke was hilarious. I always enjoy hanging out with both of them, they always cheer me up =)

spot me under the tall x'mas tree! credits to Mika for this photo. =)

Picture captured by pro Uncle in KLCC :D

and ended the day with lunch & chit chatting in DOME

Recently I've been stuck in the middle of many issues and not having time to sort & solve 'em makes me frustrated. Let it fade then. I am the way I am and I made the wise decision for pulling it over, once and for all. Tired of being not clear cut like I used to be. Me being paranoid? Or im just unlucky? sigh, it's a public blog afterall so not gonna express all out. Walls have ears.

Im happy still laaaaa. Understand the fact that the world doesn't stop spinning because of one soul. Move on & have fun =) but but..... no grandma's tang yuen again for this year! no solid plans for x'mas :(

Got to know that Mika's friend, John Lim had passed away. Would like to send our deepest condolences to him & his family. RIP.

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Monday, December 7, 2009 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'll be doing my internship in LOH GUAN LYE! =DDDDDDDD

no salary/allowance tho -.- But it's okay, I can get part time jobs during weekends (:

Im glad there's finally a concrete ans given and not just blindly waiting for nothing.

YAYYY! cant wait for internship to come! I'll be working together with Tee Yee i guess? YX, u'll definitely be regret for turning down LGL~ muahahaha :D

Im still hyper now (: woooooooooooooot!

Hope that Chai Rou can join me for the internship & I'll be going to work with a brand new Jazz! HAHAHAHA cant wait cant wait. Totally not into my current life =.=

Everything seems so funn~ May from HR department mentioned that we'll be shifting around in all the laboratories instead of just staying at one, which is totally what I wished for. LGL is my 1st choice when it comes to internship and I got it! =P

btw, congrates to Mincci for getting in Intel for her internship on April too (: Hope there's good news for Dear soon too =D

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

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Sunday, December 6, 2009 de-stress

the best solution for stress is to SHOP =)
i de-stressed for 4 hours in Jusco, got 2 love-at-1st-sight items and im happy :DDD
the simple roman sandals from Vincci is just adorable!! mwah mwahhh~
and my purse is getting thinner -.- but what the heck? CNY's approaching so i can shop and buy whatever i want! LOL

oh ya, i ate prosperity fries this afternoon. *double happy*

big thanks to Dear for accompanying..You fully utilized your weekends with outings! HAHA

I can be satisfied easily ^^ ahahahhahaha

but but......

Why tmr's MONDAY again?!
it's week 10! OMG times flies =.=
cant wait for internship, it's time for new experience in mua lifeee~

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009 mua personality

Existing Situation
"Searching for a close bond with others which are accepting and kind. Needs a safe, peaceful atmosphere."

Stress Sources
"Looking to stand out in the crowd and wanting to keep her rank and status. her current situation is irritating her because she can't seem to find anybody out there who values the same high standards she does. she is feeling isolated and wants to give in to her carnal urges, but can't bring herself to appear weak in the eyes of others. Wants others to see her unique qualities and character but can't stand to come off as needy, so instead she has an ""I don't care"" attitude and pushing people away. she turns her back on those who criticizes her behavior, but beneath her indifference is a person who is in desperate need of approval."

Restrained Characteristics
Current events leave her feeling forced into compromise in order to avoid being cut off from affection or future cooperation.

"Feels she is carry more than her share of problems. she is flexible and laid back, sticking to her goals and working to overcome any difficulty."

He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.

Applies tough standards to her potential partner and demands an unrealistic perfection in her sex life.

He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.

Desired Objective
"Longs for tenderness and for a feeling of acceptance from a partner. Appreciates things that are beautiful, pleasing to the eye, and stylish."

Actual Problem
Disappointed because her hopes have not come to pass and she fears coming up with new goals will only lead to further disappointment. These conflicting emotions lead to a feeling of anxiety and depression. she tries to escape into a peaceful and calm relationship which offers encouragement and protection from further disappointment.

Actual Problem #2
"Wants to be valued and respected, seeks a close and peaceful relationship with a shared respect of each other."

Try the test here


Everyone owns mask, alot of masks. I have too, but it's only one. I dont wear it until it's necessary =) It feels terrible when u have to pretend to be not you. There's people willing to wear masks 24/7. Those kindness, vulnerable, happy personalities are just ways to improve interpersonal relationship. What for when u're popular if u're not you? Hypocrite and pathetic!

Im glad that I dont need to wear masks all the time :D It's great to know that girlfriends are always there for you. you girls matter to me ALOT~

I just cant stand anymore, decided not to keep tolerating. Yes, im that straight forward. (: Life's just simple, dont complicate it. shoooo control freak! 忍让也有限度 做人要懂分寸

Ignorance is Bliss! -quoted from AndreaChuang.com

that's not me. lol. im cute still =P *big watery eyes*

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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