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Tuesday, April 28, 2009 presents (:

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sorry for the super duper delayed post heh
im lazing around & enjoying myself now, in PENANG! home sweet home ♥

very 1st present
a Momoe tee from Aunt Kim (:

Mum gave me a pair of colourful heels from Vincci

Dad reloaded for me :D

Another tee from CYM

handmade card from Mika & Mango!!!!
it's simple & amazing~ *hugs

all from K2 members, thanks for making my b'day memorable ^^

makeup tools from Rou & San =)

last but not least, a black leather purse from my dear ♥
simple and nice xD
genuine leather smells great! hehe mwah mwahhhhh~

appreciate pressies from all of you, arigatooo ♥
friends forever; BFF rocks; FioreLamour sweetie~

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Saturday, April 18, 2009 unwillingly stepping into my 20's

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*gasps im 20!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my sorethroat is getting serious sigh

life goes on as normal, final is still approaching! T.T
birthday celebrations & presents will be up after my final :D
thanks thanks thanks for the presents, celebrations, wishes through msgs/Blog/FB/FS/MSN/verbally. sankyuuu for everything~ xoxo!
thanks for remembering my birthday
otanjoubi omedeto to myself; good luck to TARCians in final; get rid of my sorethroat ASAP!

to my dear & family & BFF & housemates & friends & coursemates & everyone who makes my b'day memorable (:

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Dear's first step into her 20's xD

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♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

Happy 20th Birthday Dear~!

I know you feel a lil sad about the number "2"
But why not see it from a different view =)
As they say, 20's are the sweetest moments of ones life
Where we get to do lots of stuffs during that few years
I cant help but to agree with that xD

Do you know that your the best thing that ever happened to me?
Do you know that nothing can ever replace you in my heart?
Do you know that seeing you happy makes me happy too?
Do you know that because of that i would risk anything just to see you smile?
Do you know that i once wished that i could have a gf that cares and loves me?

Well that wish came true 952 days ago where we were together for the first day.
Im really glad that ive met you and that you are by my side right now.

If you trust our love
I promise you that i would make this love blossom every single day
like i vowed before that i would make you the happiest girl on earth

I love you dear ^^
Happy Birthday!!

(o^.^o) ♪♫~ Sayonara

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Monday, April 13, 2009 pou!

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long time din pou d, one week went twice! =.=
dont compare me with my
lou yau, she's 败家女+ pou kaki

08.04 w/ Tyen & Ming
Alice PPKed sob sob T.T
me before going out

went to mika's house to learn some skills in makeup; im still a newbie, anyone willing to teach me? (:
after makeup with the help of mika the princess

watched Shinjuku Incident in Pavillion; below my expectation actually due to the extremely high verbal praise by others. Not bad lahhh, limb slashing part chikek! xD
Wai Ming aka Mango is like watching horror movie LOL she get herself covered entirely with her jacket in the cinema i guess ahahahaha

went Greenbox after movie. Got a extremely HUGE room for 3 people o.O

had dinner in McD with PeiQin and went home at 9smtg.


11.04 w/ usual gang :D

wah, it's been ages since i hang out with Mincci louyao d. Although we're roommates, i dont see her quite often in the house actually! sighhhh 喜新厌旧 T___T

i look thin in this pic! likey likey =)
as usual, camwhored abit before going out

went sg wang kai kai, chit-chatted and enjoyed! Sometimes i know being the odd one is kinda weird and will be ignored, but we're the perfect trio k?! woooot~
we have alot of memories together & will be cherished forever, ♥

Im always the odd one in college =(
got myself this korean style dress!
and some random little stuffs (:

Current thoughts: -Business Organization's killing me!
Sushi King on wed ;p
i need series and Mincci's not here Y.Y
5 more days to my birthday (:
sweetie is not back yet! hmmphh

used to be alone and hate it! GRR

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Thursday, April 9, 2009 curiosity~

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Just smtg wondering in my mind for quite some time

The statement:

Girls who are TOO popular among boys dont have close girlfriends/soulmates.


Clarify for me k? Voice up peeps! (:

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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