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Sunday, July 26, 2009 diploma convocation

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Yes, i need a week to collect all the pictures from everyone (:
Thanks to my 2 ah mas, aunt, dad & mum for coming to my convo! They have to travel all the way from penang just to attend my convo, gamdong lor :D
Convocation is sweaty & tiring; but being called the first in my course as a distinction student with loud applauses feels so proud :D
Now, enjoy my photo spam!!!

Dad & Mum

my close relatives & parents (:

the 2 boxes are so cute right? it's from dear's parents (: I got a white scarf & dear got a wallet, big thanks to themmm!

my twin sister =)

another pair of twin LOL

dear surrounded by his two wifes xP

mika, hoay shuang, wai ming & elric on top

my coursemates except Dear

more coursemates

as demanded by the professional photographer, with Dear's friend

Im a diploma student now :D
for more photos, go here

Degree life is getting more and more hectic with tons of assignments, lab reports, midterms & quizzes. Final is so near now and i dont really think i can cope with all the subjects.

What to do? Just stay positive! wish me luck =)
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009 back from hibernation

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im back for a post and will continue hibernating again
advanced diploma cum degree program is totally diff & it's seriously no joke. *pressure pressure* lab reports, assignments, tests, quizzes are breaking me apart. sighhh
make the post greyish to show my mood =(

For the bf & my roommate, they seems to be very free & relaxing. One keep playing RO & watching anime while another one keep FB-ing & MSN-ing & pou. Im the one rotting in front of the lappie with tons of hw not done T_T

by the way, back to the post =)
this is the best birthday card made by me to him HAHAHA
credits to Mincci for helping me cutting out the alphabets, Mika & Mango for contributing the idea and helping me with the materials needed. big mwahss to them!



ahahhaa i need some compliments to encourage myself for another handmade stuff. lol handmade stuffs are special but it cracks my head everytime there's special occassions. i really do not have the talent in handmade stuffs & i'll try to improve la k? the professional ones, Cynthia & Mika please help me more on this, ty ty ty tyyyyy :D

~a picture of the owners~

parents & grandmas & aunt are coming to KL for my convo, will meet them on sat and hopefully i can temporary ignore the immunology test for SHOPPINGGGGG! muwahahaha

stay tuned, i'll definitely update abt our convo xD
book prize is an honour for those students who maintained their result every sem above 3.75/3.8(not sure)... and Mincci Chin got it! congrates & u definitely owe us a meal. hiak hiakkkkk... btw congrates to the book prize winner in ACB1 (shir leen, chew chung & loo kim) too :)

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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