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Tuesday, July 29, 2008 The celebration

Cute Quotes
aiks now i only get all the pictures from friends
paise la; especially cyn xD
Celebrated San's birthday on monday right after our lecture
headed to 电话饭店 for steamboat

the way i dressed up that day =)

had a lot of fun eating, BBQ-ing, taking pictures
and most important is the surprise we planned for San
lighted 19 candles on top of 19 bowls of ice-cream
ahahha San faced loads of difficulties to finish blowing all the candles =D

Girls girls GIRLS
spot me spot me?!

like the feeling of this photo
finally a group pic of A3
ps: im no longer a member in K3 >.<

went pasar malam a while after steamboat
bought 2 pairs of earrings for RM5 only
heeeheee :)

went home around 9something
i always go back earlier, not to let dear worry ma ^^
and...ahahahha camwhored~

friends forever ya girl

Cute Quotes

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Friday, July 25, 2008 randomly cute & sweet

Cute Quotes

saw this korea horror movie
its the best caption to describe this pic huh

hopefully it can cure my black circles
ps: Mincci slept at 4smtg in the morning yesterday, what's the point on doing the eye mask then?! aiks, she's such a perfectionist! keep editing her programming assignment and... her black circles............*speechless*

dear bought me the adidas perfume!!!!

saw it yesterday at 1U, love the scent but did not buy it at last
Mincci went klcc today and helped dear buy it for me~

thanks dear =DDDDDDDDD

spot the cute sticker on the calculator
it's from chai rou & im lovin it ^^
thanks rou~

heheheh im so hang fuk =P

Cute Quotes

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Shopping - 1 Utama

Cute Quotes

♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

I accompanied 2 girls to 1 U, Dear and Mincci.
Our class ended at 1pm,
went there by LRT.
Dear said that she was hungry so
We had lunch as soon as we got there.
Dear suggested to have lunch in "Dave's Deli"
So we followed.
I ordered a 1/4 roasted chicken.
Dear ordered boneless lemon flavour chicken.
Mincci ordered cream pasta.
The food was finger licking GOOOOOD~
oh, and the price is quite reasonable too =)

Thats mine
Thats dears
Thats mincci's
I usually share my drinks with dear cause i dont drink too much.
Me & dear shared fresh orange juice
Mincci has starfruit.
As usual, we took some pics while waiting for our food
After satisfying our grumbling stomach,
We started shopping.

Something really weird happened though
I never bought anything when im out with them.
But i finally broke my record.
I bought myself a black bag, its really nice & i like it xP
oh my~
Dear and Mincci spent 100+ buying mask.
I was wondering how come they could buy stuffs so easily.
oh ya, they're GIRLS.........
Mincci bought 2 shirts too, from add on
One for her and one for her 2jie, Joey
Dear had a free nail colouring cause they spent over
100 bucks on mask.
Dear picked pink colour,which is one of my favourite on girls =)

Well we went back home around 8pm.
We had to take bus to the LRT station.
Talking about bus.
Flesh stacking with one another.
I had to cover dear with my body while she hides inside my arm
so that she doesnt get any body contact with others.
Atleast shes 'safe'. xD
Thats all that matters.

We reached home about 10pm
Bought burgers as dinner.
We took some pics before showering
it's been quite a long time since we camwhored, and loads of pics came out nice ^^

This is the result of our shopping
(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Saturday, July 19, 2008 sports carnival

Cute Quotes

SAS Intra-School Sports Carnival 08/09

sorry for the late post, it's not my fault
Mincci went sunway and some of the pics were in her phone.
okay, let me start with her~
Mincci, Ecery and my dear participated in this competition; I being the full time supporter & photographer for them :)

rter final
rushed to the sports complex right after my lecture and i saw someone warm up

she's wearing her pcghs ping pong team t-shirt for badminton competition LOL

The process

tengok ini mincci, that's the reason they lose xP

next, Ecery + a ping pong guy in male double

they lose in the 1st match too, but applause to them cuz they faced a really tough opponent

and next, my entao dear =DDDDDD
a friend of his arranged to meet him on the 1st match intentionally because he lost to him last year
*salute to the guy, he has GUTS*

boleh cho siao sama saya lagi, SURE WIN LAHHHHH xP
who's he?! my dear worrrr

continue in male double
er i forgot who's those guys d, mincci said they're from DCM
boh huat, im attracted to my dear MOREEEEE than them
introducing his partner, Mr Cresson
he kept saying sorry to dear because he made several mistakes and need dear to cover for him in this match
if u come across this post, i help dear to tell u, nvm lahhhh u've done ur best! still win ma..
ngek ngek ngekkkk ;)

semi final
dear vs Kok Pin in male single

The video was recorded by Mincci
ps: she eats chic legs but eh, it's not shaky? and my sound is so not me inside the video -.-

dear told me not to go because my class ended at 12pm but the match only start at 5pm but I insisted to give him support till the end of this competition
one year once, support la!
Mincci went too, with her coursemates

1st was the male double.
dear & Creston vs Yee Sung & Kok Pin [sorry if ur names are wrongly spelled]
this was a close match and everyone super kin jiongggg
Yee Sung & Kok Pin performed
very well in semi final and this make dear & Cresson extremely nervous
Cresson promised dear to do his best and bring back his form today
and woohooo~ HE MADE IT!!

sorry abt the shaky video, I dont eat chic legs -.-
very chi kekkkkk

dear got no more energy to play on the male single and he lost to Joe, the organiser
it's okay for me cause i know dear had already try his best

prize giving ceremony

From left: Joe, dear, Cresson

she's so honoured to give the silver medal to dear xD
ps: macam fans sama idol la weiii

poor lil dear, he's so tired
kek sim

the medals he got in TARC
2007: champion of mixed double, male double & 1st runner-up of male single in co-cu programme; 1st runner up of male single in sports carnival
2008: champion of male double & 1st runner up of male single in sports carnival


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