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Thursday, September 24, 2009 2 days out

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How long has it been since i last posted something? =___=
Anyway, i had to post this up after being "force secara tidak langsung" by my dear and my boss >.>

A group of 5 boys planned on having seafood dinner together in teluk kumbar, "hai bui"

We said meet up in Tesco on 6pm but ended up having my boss wait for half an hour o.o paise boss.

KL was the last to arrive which was 45 mins later. Boss decided to snap some photos with us b4 dinner so he took us to a place which i dunno near "hai bui", Here are some of the photos we took there. The sunset is unexpectedly..kinda nice o.o

After goofing off for a while, we felt hungry so we went for dinner, but "hai bui" was packed with human heads everywhere, so..seafood dinner..canceled.

Then we went QB, we had a hard time deciding where to eat..as usual..>.> I hate it when it comes down to deciding where to eat. B4 getting in QB, KL asked for boss's camera, he wanted to play with it, but guess wad he asked. "Eh an zua lu eh camera hip liao beh kua diok eh?" (Why i cant see anything after taking the shot?) The pic looked like this, you know wad? funny thing is, he didnt take off the camera lense. =_____________= i was like SWT!!!!! LOL HAHA

We walked to Manhatten, but most of us said, "i wanna eat something that can satisfy my stomach, i wan something that can make me full. I dont wanna pay alot, for something which i cant eat enough." So manhatten, canceled.

We went to the navigation board to search for places which we could dine in. We ended up choosing Kenny R. so we walked towards it, but standing outside, we felt that, this couldnt satisfy our stomach either, and i was like..wth...im starving to death here and u guys cant make up ur mind, screw it..we're eating in the food court, and so we did.

Me and JL saw a lil malay girl, holding a BIG plate of chicken chop with a BIG chicken on top of it, and when i say BIG..i mean BIIIGG. >.> We laughed and head towards the sign "Western Food" and ordered ourself a plate of chicken chop. When the food came, it IIIS big!! Although it cost us RM9.50. But, as they say, "Never judge a book by its cover", the chicken was cold, the mushroom sauce was cold, even the rice was cold. =___= It felt weird and a lil disgusting eating it, but because we were starving, we couldnt care less.

What are you looking at? The chick's mine!!! D:<

Boss ordered some..rice thingy..which cost him about RM6.50, and he wasnt satisfied, and he was like..omg? when he saw our chicken chop, so he went for a second round, ordering the same thing, guess what, his chicken was HOT, his sauce was HOT and his rice was HOT!! wth??!! thats so damn unfair lol xD

After dinner we went outside QB for a walk, we saw a fun fair and "PENANG EYE" so we were like, "lets get on it and snap some photos" but when we got there, the sign says "Adult RM6", forget it~ =___=

We walked back to our car, and KL made a nice..."satisfied" look? xD HAHAHAHA

We went e-gate for a drink but the place was also crowded >.> except for SUBWAY. hahaha which was empty except for 1 couple eating inside o.o we walked back to starbucks, found a sit, but KL said he had to go get some stuffs and he'll be back and asked us to wait. But our "Naima, 奶妈" didnt wan to drink in starbucks because he aint someone who would spend $ for these kind of stuffs, so we switched back to greenlane MCD. We told KL that we would be there but he ended up not showing himseld for the night.

After a LONG chat, we went back to Tesco to get our cars and guess what, we saw KL's car parked near e-gate, hahahaha and we were like, he-he-he-he~ (evil laugh). We took a piece of paper and a pen, we wrote some stuffs on it, placed it on the wiper, closed his side mirror, pulled his back wiper xD hahaha

We went home after that, end of day 1 o.o


Me, my boss and JL went mountain climbing xD hahaha we climbed 84, about half way through, i said, "If im not mistaken, i would be fb-ing right now, instead of working my ass up this hill." We sat on 84 resting before we make our way down the hill, and things went a lil funny.

We took the mountain road down instead of the normal road. its my first time taking that road and its like..full of small tiny lil ladders. >.> and about half way through the stairs, my leg started shaking...HAHAHAHA i said "eh, wa eh ka zun liao" JL laughed and said "wa bun si" LOL HAHAHAHA excuse me for being an ex-sportsman =__= im getting old~

When we finally made our way down, we stood on flat road, me and JL were laughing again, "wa eh ka kuk si zun eh diao kuk" HAHAHAHAH our legs were still shaking while walking on flat road LOL wad a shame >.< .

My boss wanted to snap some photos and he asked us to position there so he could set the angles, so we did. and guess wad, we were tricked. =_________= while we were talking and doing some funny stuffs, we were actually being filmed. Boss said that he was setting up his camera so we tot he did but he took a funny video of us making us like fools instead T.T HAHAH im not gonna post it up here, if u wanna see it come find me o.o

We went back to boss's house for a bath and went for dinner, KL joined us for dinner. We went Chulia Street, but the Wan Tan Mee wasnt there, so we switched to "Sa Diao Lor" . We sat on the hokkien mee stall, after eating it, we said kia, second round, we went the shop beside, and sat down again o.o We ordered a RM9 dollar "o jen", 2 plate of western food, 2 pieces of fried chicken, and chee cheong fan LOL we ate all of them >.> HAHAHHAA FULL!!!!

KL loves to hug his stuffed dog while driving o.o gaaaay~ =____________= LOL

KL's cousin who works as in direct sales, called him to drag him into business, hahaha KL kept finding a way to decline the offer HAHAHA and his conversation was kinda funny xD i couldnt rly remember though =___=

After that we went Times Square cos i havent been there b4, we took some photos there and yet again, KL gave us a nice...satisfied...dreamy look HAHAHAHAHHAH xD is he cute?? LOL or handsome? O.O

We wanted to took KL's shirt off and take a nude pic o.o but he refused >.> Look at him buttoning up his shirt back xD hahaha lol

We went for dessert afterwards, "Mad dou yao" , we went back after that and thats end of day 2.
I had lots of fun guys =) thnx for ur time i appreciate it xD

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Thursday, September 17, 2009 everything's back!

Cute Quotes

Gossip Girl Season 3!!! C & B are so cute and sweet together FINALLY :DDDD
"3 words, 8 letters; say it and im yours."

ANTM cycle 13 is back too! This cycle is exclusively for girls below 5'7" and models are in flats for the promo posters =) personally like the 2nd and 8th girls from the left, Brittany & Rae!

90210 also back! love Ade & Silver (:
and cant wait to know abt Annie's hit-and-run issue and love the way they dressed up with diff styles, especially Silver's.
btw Liam is hot.. tsk tskkkkk :D

just finish the 1st episode of these 3 series/tv shows although i only slept for 1 hour yesterday, gonna hop to my bed and have a good rest now!

Dear & Mincci are back on fri, i need them to keep me accompanied!

全身颤抖脑筋空白的那一刻 原来是那么可怕
RIP grandpa, u'll be in our heart always~

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 excited to the max!

Cute Quotes

stepped on penang's land yesterday and dad got me a BIG surprise :DDDDD

my dad got me black instead of pink >.<>

last few days, dear got suspected from dengue and it worried me to the maxxx! the visible red blood cells spots are spreading all over his body. I cant be with him for the last few days of final, cant take care of him, cant nag him and cant make sure he's resting well T.T Luckily he's getting better now =) dear, faster get ur ass back penang... good luck for ur last paper ya mwahhh!

my grandpa admitted & his condition is quite serious, so i rushed back the next day after my last paper. It's the second time i dont have much excitement when i saw the Penang Bridge. Praying hard he'll be alright and not gonna elaborate much abt his condition. just hope he'll be fine asap!

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009 happy 3rd :>

Cute Quotes

u choose to tolerate and correct my flaws instead of just giving up
u made my empty soul filled with love and i hope the chemistry will stay
thanks for everything u did; i'll try my best to be the perfect girl for u
happy 3rd anniversary, dear!♥
FioreLamour, 9/9
Its only the beginning (:
love the surprise? (:
mwahh! iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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