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Saturday, December 27, 2008 it's abt x'mas!

Cute Quotes
spent our x'mas in genting, 8 ppl
wei hong, boon fei, ah cai, mincci, chin pang, chee hoe, dear & me
they're all mincci's classmates
camwhored when we're waiting for dear
heart the cute lil x'mas hat!!

off we go to gombak for bus, followed by cabel up to genting
ish the journey inside the cabel was terrifying =.=
so HIGH and i dont feel save sitting inside a cabel with only one string hanging on top

photo taking session to forget the fear xD

while waiting for check in, we took pics with the decorations in lobby

and cho siao in the garden =.=
introducing mincci's classmates, chin pang with white long sleeve & chee hoe with black tee
they're hilarious! =)

got our room leaving our things inside and SHOP!!
im the only one who actually buy smtg, others jz window shopped i guess
banyak suka the red tee ^^

saw a guy playing this basketball throwing machine in a super duper fast speed
attracted many ppl's attention
we watched one match and he got 700+ marks i think, but he showed a not-so-satisfied face -.-

went outside of first world hotel, thought it will be countdown and fireworks
ended up only ppl screaming aimlessly and spraying fake snow like mad >.<
no countdown, no fireworks
kinda disappointed tho

saw the crowd? everyone's waiting for the fireworks and countdown but sighh~

the eight xP
they went starbucks yamcha & chatted till 3 smtg in the morning
we're too exhausted to join them, headed to hotel supper and SLEEP!
old d, cant tahan too late :D
tapi see.... they slp immediately once we wake HAHA
it's a new experience since this is the 1st time celebrate x'mas in genting
kinda fun joining with the new gang and hopefully there's another opportunity to have another outing again
merry belated christmas and happy new year!!!

2009's coming!!!!!

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Friday, December 26, 2008 Merry Christmas Dear ^^

Cute Quotes
♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

Merry Christmas Dear~ ^^


Ty soooo much dear for ur present xD
Its really really nice
It makes my wallet complete hehe
It really is something i wanted for a long long time

Sorry dear for failing in giving you ur surprise T.T
Wanted to buy the dress you loved
but the shop owner said its sold out sigh
(Darn shop >.<)
Anyway im gonna treasure your present soo much =)
I love you dear ^^ xoxo
Dear decorated a christmas theme lil box
Made a love shape stick (cute xD)
and placed eight photo of us inside
She printed the photos in wallet size
wrapped them up so that it wont spoil
when i slide it inside my wallet

Here are the seven photos
One is inside my wallet already =)

There..a perfect fit
i love it =D

~Merry Christmas Dear~


†- I U -†

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Monday, December 22, 2008 朋友

Cute Quotes
♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀
Do the word "respect" means alot to you?
It does for me.

If someone ever disrespected you for more than once,
would you still respect that person?
For me i wont.

I hate it when someone disrespect me,
and yea maybe im a little petty, but thats who i am.
Thats my way of life,
you respect me, i respect you.
If you dont, then dont hope that i will.











(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Saturday, December 20, 2008 Dai Lou~ Happy Birthday =)

Cute Quotes

♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

Sry about this late post wishing you happy birthday Dai Loi
Was busy with midterms as u know xD

I dont really like singing actually
Cos my singing sux T.T
but i had sooo much fun singing in green box that day =)
and yea...i sang till i lost my voice =.=

Our room number was 48
(aiya forgoted to turn it around, forget it lazy >.<)

we sang from 6+ to 10pm
so we had free buffet hehehe
all of us were like hungry dogs
each of us took atleast 2 plates in haha
and were eating while singing >.>

Dai Lou did "something" that stunned me tho
You know we get this wrist thingy like in genting right?
yea and Dai Lou was smoking beside the TV
suddenly he took the strap and stick it to the TV
and he said "哦快去拿东西吃啊,去去!"
Then we sat back to his sit
I was looking at him and was thinking
wth is he doing?
He said he thought that everyone was busy singing
and no one was watching
but duh~ he was standing just beside the TV
like we wont see his big ass beside
Well we laughed like mad xD

One other funny thing
Huan (My big wife @@) took his mike
and point it towards his "lil bro"
and asked "him" to sing
He said "哦唱啊,快点唱!"
and apparently i was watching him again
I was like......==" swt~

My big wife muahahaha~ xD
(The one that pointed his mike towards....=.=)

Some pic we took inside green box

oh yea look at huan (most left in the first pic) and adam in the second pic
Which one looks...fat? o.O HAHA

lol Eric didnt get to sing
so he made that face =(

Our group photo xD
Dai lou is the one lying down

Anyway i just wanted to say

Happy Birthday Dai Lou ^^

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Friday, December 19, 2008 imma tough girl

Cute Quotes

im tired
i admit, im weak from the inside out
after these few days =.=

can make it only 1 hour per day? and another 23 goes to the day necessary :)
i should be sleeping instead of being here
shooooo u're dreaming girl

gosh i crapped! >.<

just ignore me

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 o.v.e.r

Cute Quotes

this is how i look today. lazy to tie my hair 7 in the morning =.=
i look fat & weird in this pic o.O

phew, finally presented everything
chem test, bio test & chem assignment to go. sigh, i need a break!
being really tired for this week super duper exhausted
I NEED SHOPPING! only bought 2 tops for cny nee sigh

aihhhh, lack of sleep~
the size of eyebags > eyes real soon
we were once told by a lecturer that a biochem student cannot afford to slp more than 5 hours a day @.@
a full 8 hours sleep i want
group members in formal ^^

from left : mika wai ming aka mango & meeeee the three GK girls :)
continue study advanced diploma la u two!

presented abt PLKN and classmates asked some tough Qs -.-
at least we tried our best la luckily everything done xP
ps: GRRR i hate ppl nagging

x'mas is cominggggggg! no plans yet T.T

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008 emo day =.=

Cute Quotes

i think the word EMO is going to appear many times in this post
bear with it, i memang emo! lol
3 groups presented this morning and everyone did a great job =)
especially the group with strong opening & strong closing ahahaha
so im the third group to present in the afternoon with boon hwee the banana

comment on my hair please :D

unfortunately, things didn't went well as i expected *emo* -.-
the projector was not functioning and the whole presentation delayed almost an hour
and another blablabla reason that not going to mention here! GRRRRR
was totally emo emo emo that time, worried abt the delay
thinking im going to have 2 presentations straight away next week with 2 tests waiting
walau totally emo till siao that time =/

luckily my fabulous partner suggested to continue the presentation, but with K5 members together
60+ pairs of eyes staring at me, my palms sweating like hell! *emo again*
blurted everything out with the pyschology test and END the presentation~ wooooootttt done done!
p/s: be careful of loo kim the printing manager & zhen hao the i am legend boy, they're psychopaths! hahahah
dear waited me for abt 30 mins and we went back together =)

*relieved* and took few pics when i got home

bio test tml and im here?

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Saturday, December 6, 2008 blog's still alive!

Cute Quotes

introducing my new anti-frizz serum from osis+
im in love with it :)

the shop's on buy one free one promotion, so......aiks share with loo kim lo
tried some just now and the effect is FAB!
instant shine, silky touch and totally good
i can play with my hair all day long i tell ya, it's that good~

got myself a bottle of shampoo too, another bottle goes to eve
bain de terre the brand, i love the scent & the effect
tried on the conditioner and now get myself the shampoo
cant camwhore with it because it's too heavy LOL
oh ya btw im going to be curly on cny, good? bad?
imagine readers and tell me do i look good on curls kay ^^

wondering how i can be so fair? or pale to be exact =.=
hmmph everyone said im getting fairer and fairer whenever i got back to penang
so, give a big applause to banana boat the sunblock xD

this post sounds like an advertisement, but i dont even get a penny for it >.<
bahhhh im just bored
so many things to do, so little time left AHHHHH~
and im still wasting time here
ps: nobody's home except me & dear! had alot of time fooling around with him *smiles*

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

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