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Friday, April 30, 2010 我不要!

还有一个星期 就正式和LSC还有槟城说再见了
不舍 :(
这里的家人 美食 朋友 和一切

家 是永远的避风港
长住了三个月后 真的不想离开了
有熟悉的声音 味道 和感情

不期待 希望时间静止不动 :(

有些好友没法出席 但聚会很愉快

再说 这里人情味好多了
在实验室里玩的好颠 =D
在那里 聊得来的没几个
为了微乎其微的小事 不惜尔虞我诈
路遥知马力 日久见人心
与其徒劳无功解释 倒不如让时间证明一切吧
还有考试 打不完的报告

这里 美食24/7不打烊

还有车车坐 不必挤巴士


我真的很不舍 >(o.o)<

p/s: 生日照晚点再说吧 很down

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Sunday, April 11, 2010 Busy week

White gold necklace with awesome pendant *done*

Inviting friends *done*

Get all the makeup items *semi done*

Stuffs for decoration of the venue *not done*

Cake. Ughhh have been cracking my head abt the flavour *so not done*

Loads of things to prepare for a party. AND IM EXCITED (:

Totally packed week~ Attended several talks in LSC and gained more knowledge on human being's bodily functions. And they have food afterwardssss yumms! hahahah yes, that's how i gained my 2.5kg in TWO months time. I look better in current weight, yes i do! *self-hypnotizinggggggg* Ohhhhhh, just back from blood donation campaign from milk god temple aka i forgot the SriLanka actual name -.- LOL 4 hours sweating definitely burns some fat xD oooppppssyyy i think i replenished 'em during mua lunch *wink* Penang's food is too good to resist kkkk?!

I've been hunting all the party items for the entire week and i'm half done only =/ Really hope it'll be a memorable night. What's the suggestion for the after-party? hahaha

p/s: I've totally forgot about my proposal & FYP. What to do now? 0.O

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Day 30 & 31

Not much about working these few days. Just routine work, just me knowing more and more stuffs day by day and im happy (: Everything seems to run very smoothly when im in penang. Lovin' it ^^

Got to know a close friend of mine is going to join SIA to be a cabin crew and i really admire her courage to actually give up everything she's doing now & achieve her dream! =D Salute for her determination & bravery. Way to go, girl ^^

I've been searching for my first white gold pendant and i want it to be perfect~ hahaha been searching all over penang for it ;P Hmmphh

FYI: I'm doing a birthday party in my house on the 17th (: Sorry for those who I don't invite/not yet invite. Friends who're studying overseas/other states, fly back for my bday la harrrrrrr! *wink* I'm totally cool with those who cant make it to the party~ No worries ya (: Big mwahh to all my friends & c y'all real soonnnnn..

Maybe i should write a birthday wish list xD

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Sunday, April 4, 2010 Chaos

Day 27-29

I still do not get sufficient rest. Why everything has to come all at once? o.O Have been in a really bad mood for these few days so i think i shall summarize everything into a simple post.

March 31

I've been really obsessed with cleaning in the laboratory i guess xD I changed my gloves whenever i touched urine bottles, spray alcohols and wipe the benches all the time, wear masks when dealing with stool & sputum and basically spray alcohols everywhere and wipe 'em really CLEAN! really really amazed by myself, for being soooo clean LOL

April 1st

First quater of the year already! so fast :( I pranked a few of my colleagues for the day.. haha all of them reacted so cute~ Fooled my mum & dear too *smirk*

Happy April Fool's Day everyone =D

April 2nd

Learning loads of things in Microbiology now!

I know aseptic technique to plant the bacteria ;P

Catalase positive >> Staphylococcus spp
Catalase negative >> Streptococcus spp

Blood agar allows gram pos & gram neg bacteria to grow, McConkey Agar only allows gram neg bacteria to grow.

I dealed with stool, urine, sputum, body fluid etc etc.. ughhh *puke*

Loads more to learn and im really interested in microbiology ^^

Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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