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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 1 week trip

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day 1
we spent 21 hours in this vehicle
gosh, this is a new and unforgettable experience. The 21-hour journey to bangkok was terrible! Nothing much to do in the train and what I do was sleep eat sleep eat. The train is very shaky, u cant even eat and go to the toilet properly. I nearly fall down when I brush my teeth HAHA.

me before going up the train

my aunt inside the train

put this pic up due to the legs behind xD he's an angmo that always come to our seat and use his laptop. Dont misunderstand, he's just using the plug socket behind us lah k? LOLreally nothing to do in the train, REALLY! so camwhore loh =p
obviously, staying inside the train for 21 hours is freaking BOREDDDD! Im not gonna try it again. NOOOOOOOO!
oh, managed to caught the dawn inside the train. Too bad it's too shaky and i can actually wake that early!! ahahahhaha

day 2
finally we arrived in bangkok, thailand! Im so relieved to know that =D. off we go to our hotel, white orchid near china town. took this "taxi" or better known as tut-tut and bangkok is super duper HOT! the air is even more polluted compared to the air in KL and citizens in bangkok are super duper impatient! they drive extremely fast and they honk like 1 min once @.@

the 1st meal in bangkok ^^
char koay teow is totally diff with the one in m'sia. gulped it in 3 mins. it's delicious & sweet!
the glass of green milky drinks is cendol. the water beside was meant to add in if u think it's too sweet. the added water cendol is still too sweet for me, so i just drink off the water beside xD
thumbs up for the egg tarts. we bought another 6 to keep in the hotel in case we're hungry. ahahahha yes, we're big eaters!

went to the main city afterwards to shop shop shop~ before that, we went to 四面佛 beside the road to pray.
went to the shopping complex beside the 四面佛, Platinum. It's not pronounce as the usual platinum in bangkok, it's platinam. there are 3000 shops inside the complex and we actually spend 2 days inside just to shop =D Platinum is a complex that sells everything cheap if u buy 3 items a time. really shop till siao with my aunt :D the quality is kinda good too leh
yumm yummmmyyyy the oreo earthquake in Swensens!

we went to another 四面佛 after shopping and we got cheated by buying RM20 praying materials while actually they're just selling RM5 one set =/ I refused at first but my aunt insisted me to get one as it'll bless me especially in my study.
everything my aunt & I got in Platinum. dont look much in the picture but it's actually ALOT!
day 3
we follow one day tour there by buying vouchers from the tourist agent. The one day tour includes floating market, elephant & crocodile farm, snake farm and rose garden. It's located at another city of bangkok, so we need 1 hour to reach there. The tour guide in the van talks A LOT! He talks abt bangkok history and many "烂gag" but actually most of us cant understand what he's talking. His ka ka kaaaa accent is extremely makes all the tourists blur.
ps: 烂gag is lame joke

"There's a lok of special thinks in bangkok that tourisks actually cank have ak try. Shopping compleks, food lik japanese retaukrank, china retaurank, europeank retaurank and all other nicek fook"
"sawadee means happinesk, so we have tok say sawaadee in front to wish ppk everytimek"
"do youk notic thak you seek girls more thank boys? because 68% of citizenks in bangkok is girls, not including the ladyboy"
god, imagine u have to listen to this kind of eng for 1 hour in the van! tak boleh tahan tilll.... Im so glad when the van stops xP and here we are, floating market. We have to sit another 15 mins of speedboat to reach the floating market.
not buy anything from there because they sell things like double or triple the price. We just look at the scenery around and camwhore! lol
the next stop is snake farm. It's nothing much there, only 20 mins snake shows and it's kinda boring *yawns* They show how to catch cobra with bare hands, show us their teeth and blablablabla..

Elephant & crocodile farm is kinda fun. We ride on the elephant and this costs us RM180 for 3 ppl! It's sooooooo expensive but they insisted again because it's a new things to try. Although it's not me paying the money I still feel pain in my pocket ahahaha! The elephant we ride on is huge huge HUGE my aunt and uncle freak out because my aunt doesn't like the smell and my uncle feels that the seat is not secure enough. Im the one feeling kinda fun in the middle when the elephant goes down around 6-8 feet tall lake xD chikek
the next thing is the elephant show. they're so cute when they play football and they trick the goal keeper! the fireworks in the show freaks me out >.<i dont now why there's 2 tigers at the entrance. my uncle challenged me to take pics with them, of course i refused to do so =.=
but i dare to hold a crocodile LOL
rose garden is the last stop yayaaaa! we enjoy buffet inside the restaurant and walk around to see all those beautiful furniture and carvings. everything's expensive there and ughh the one day tour is kinda boring I WANNA SHOP!

the culture show in rose garden. there's only small roses along the garden but i forgot to take photos =p

day 4

we went to platinum, bought a lot of things again.
no pics lah, boh eng shopping ma :D

day 5
off we go to hat yai, by train again haihz. had our dinner inside hua lam phong. ♥ the tomyam kong with big big prawns
and the 16 hours in the train again -.-
day 6

reached there around 8 in the morning. have dim sum and check in hotel. walk to the market nearby and took a van to samila beach.
nice scenary, nice food ;)

start to camwhore under the hot burning sun, wear black T triples the speed of tanning. gosh
tengok how clear is the water, i DID put my hand below the water kay?!
3 mermaids but 2 got legs xP
foot massage inside room after dinner and shopping. i tried whole body massage tapi tak cukup lagi end up tried foot massage in room. i love massages, especially by dear ♥day 7

found out smtg interesting in thai's McD. small oreo Mcflurry & delicious cheesy fries! yum yum & i think i gained weight T.T we shopped at the local market. bought some local titbits for family and friends. had our dinner at sky restaurant and 5 hours train again to reach butterworth. i miss penang badly!

inside tut-tut. penang here i come!

♥ finally done, enjoy readers! ♥

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Saturday, September 20, 2008 between the exams

Cute Quotes

we dont totally study all the time
and we did a few things to reduce the boredom of studyinggggg

1st. Masks to reduce the black circles & hydrate our dry face

2nd. get rid of a mouse. It ran into our house and the 2 guys were trying to get rid of it, and me taking pictures behind LOL

3rd. We did a lil bear for our friend. It's something new and this caught Mincci's interest to continue doing the lil bear for 2 days. it's not difficult but kinda time consuming. We managed to sew it up while watching moonlight resonance. It's fun but i think there's no longer a second time. Cutting papers, furry cloth & sewing aint my cup of tea.

gosh i dont look good during exams. Pressure makes my face looks so pale amd i look so FAT!

look at him! he's only playing with the bear for a while but not participating in any of the process in making the bear.

4th. of course moonlight resonance, GG and all those taiwan show

5th. GAMES im so addicted to them now, but mostly stucked. The coordination btw my hand & brain is not so good =/

ahahaha wanted to post this up before my thailand trip but ended up so late
miss us readers?

Cute Quotes

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