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Sunday, August 24, 2008 空白

Cute Quotes

兴奋地四处寻找学院 寻找适合自己的科系

和他 她 她
刚开始 觉得自己选对了学院和科系
有点繁忙 认识了不少可爱的朋友

路遥知马力 日久见人心
在学院 繁重的学业让我喘不过气来
在这个家 不同的生活习惯让我不知道该如何是好
或许 是我给自己太大压力
或许 是我太自以为是


太多太多 考试 测验 小考

在我想不通时 适时给于我肩膀
在我疯狂边缘时 及时拉了我一把


该回现实 努力应付明天的考试


Cute Quotes



Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Final's Coming

Cute Quotes

♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

Damn finals are just 2 weeks away
and im still not in the mood for studying.
What to do?!

I guess ill just have to pull myself together
and start making some progress.

My examination timetable this sem
is a little...tight...except for the last paper

PM Engineering Math 3
5/9 AM English For Science
8/9 PM Circuits and Signals
10/9 AM Tamadun Islam Dan Asia
12/9 PM Electronics
19/9 AM Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming

I hate taking history papers.
For me i feel like its just a waste of time.
I never attented the classes for Tamadun this sem.

Dear started her revision already though.
Soooo hardworking~

AM Chemical Structure And Energetics
11/9 PM Calculus And Algebra
15/9 PM Biodiversity And Ecology
17/9 AM IS And Application

Dear only got 4 paper T.T i have 6
Her first paper is at fifth and mines at fourth
and her last paper is at 17 mines at 19
What the hell!~
Not fair >.<

Mincci is kinda like me
Last minute style haha
But her results the best among us though =.=

PM Calculus
8/9 PM Introduction To Discrete Math
10/9 PM English For Communication
17/9 AM Analysis And Design Of IS
19/9 AM Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming

In the end, im the one taking the most paper
Deng it~!
I hate exams >.>

Anyway Wish us luck!! xD
Atleast im gonna need it.

♪♫ Sayonara~

Cute Quotes



Wednesday, August 13, 2008 cute fish spa

Cute Quotes

went jusco with mincci to buy FOOD xD
as u all know, exam's coming and we have to 补货

on the way in TARC bus

siew ching said there's a fish spa promotion there
tried a 10 min foot spa

it's like being geli by many dearssss HAHA
Mincci doesn't even dare to see the fishes and she's laughing nonstop at the beginning
u'll know how many dead skins mincci have by seeing the fish's direction
there's only a few fish around my feet xP
it's quite song but really veryyyy GELI


me with yellow jeans sitting on a yellow chair ;)

any differences?
drop comments to tell me xD

Cute Quotes

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Saturday, August 9, 2008 the boredom of IS

Cute Quotes

IS test 2 is coming, my test 1 was okay-okay
to make my coursework marks better i have to S.T.U.D.Y
and end up
70% playing 30% studying
goshh i really need to pia dy

the normal me

and here comes the siaochaboh

comments please :)
im so in love with my legs

we had a blackout last............wed i think
and i saw 2 fella in our house very "kut lat"
which is soooo fake

there's a exercise date later
let's sweat~

haihz, pls encourage me to study!!!!

Cute Quotes

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Tuesday, August 5, 2008 Fight!!

Cute Quotes

♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

When i was walking out the back gate of my college
I saw the "Guardian" of our college gate
running as fast as she could infront of us.
You know she's like
fat and short
so it feels a little funny when she runs
She was shouting
"Anan!! Anan!! Ada orang gaduh!!"
while waving her hand
We rushed out the gate to see what happened.
and yea i know
we're a bunch of busy bodies.
We saw a group of "black" people
gathering quite far infront
We could see that their fighting somehow.
Then out of a sudden
A man in red shirt rushed out holding a thick long stick
He wanted to whack someone but the others
held him back.
He nearly hit his head though,
if the others didnt stop him fast enough,
that guy would have had his head bleeding
We saw something quite interesting though on our way to the car

Im not sure why
but i guess this has something to do with the fight
Try not to offend others.
We wouldnt know when they'll break down
and start showing their temper
Like a mad dog

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

Cute Quotes

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Saturday, August 2, 2008 klcc

Cute Quotes

went KLCC yesterday to watch the mummy 3: tomb of the dragon emperor with dear's friends & lecturer
mincci & eve went too
the movie was not my cup of tea, too fake & the storyline's just okayy
quite disappointed as many ppl said it's so nice so nice but end up like this -.-

before going out

This is the 1st time I went to klcc after being here study for 1 year+
maybe because of the pc fair, it was totally crowded and this makes me wanna go home asap
ps: sorry for not meeting u ying xuan, this outing was not planned
make it next time kayy? =D

us in klcc

nothing much to shop there, all branded stuffs and all the shops are totally packed

i got this long-sleeved shirt
saw romp and went in, tried it and yesh, buy~
just cant resist from shopping
ahhhhhhhh CONTROL!

lrt was totally a mess, all ppl lining up buying tickets
Mincci was so thin and she able to slip inside the line and get our tickets after 10 min xD

waiting taxi and dear captured this

arrived home about 6smtg
this is the 1st time we went home so early xP
AND... needless to say
lalalalalala~ same post again

then, dear suggested me to try some new posts and end up like this..

the trio as usual

monday again tmr
can weekend be extended? LOL

Cute Quotes

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

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