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Monday, March 31, 2008 Ghost? Spirit? Phantom? Demon? -.-

Cute Quotes

♀(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♂

Omg -.- The first one really gives the chill down my spine zzz swt...
After watching it my back feels.....like....a lil cold HAHA

Wad do you think? izit real? or pure fake? =)
Leave your comments ya? xD haha
Lets discuss about ghosts...
Do you believe in them?
Have you ever experience anything like that?
Or seen one yourself?
Any interesting ghost stories you wanna share?
^^ hehe lets share share xD shall we? lol

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Sunday, March 30, 2008 Eat eat EAT~

Cute Quotes
Have you ever wonder how you eat? =)
Everyone eats in a different way...
Well..every human being is different...thats what makes us so special..aint it?
We took some pictures of my housemates with their eating styles..
plus a cute lady ^^

take a look~

Hmm is mincci enjoying her food? or is she suffering? o.O
She doesnt look happy eating that right? LOL

Eve cant live without tomato sauce -.- she takes atleast 3 of them everytime we eat MCD

Mmm~ its sooo delicous! ^^ i wanna eat again..but next week we're not targeting McD..
We're going for SUSHI KING!~Muahaha

But you know ... eating too much of fast food is gonna make me go......fat zzz
ughh my hand looks fat! Gained weight recently..

Kuma says that he feels hungry when he sees himself eating that burger xD
Piggy kuma~

Having his 肉酱住家板面 at spicy & chill
remember him? He's one of the main characters in 1,2,3 Fight!
for anyone who's new in our blog, you may refer to the link =)

Ini si bulat aka ah round aka 阿源 having his roti & coffee in Old Town

Being forced to eat the ice-cream toast
it's delicious kay? im kinda addicted to it =D
p/s: he's trying to learn Mincci's 瞪人功夫.. LOL
where can learn diok~ xD

This is Ecery
makan sambil ketawa cuz he knew im taking his pic
Beh pai seh...LOL

Here's the cute lady i mentioned
Mrs Yeap, 天下 economic rice punya tauke..
She's cute, 38 & funny =D
glad to know her and thx for the treat!
We'll eat ur economic rice more often

This guy suka Mrs Yeap..
the fair hand belongs to Mrs Yeap..
so... they they.... *speechless*
Ecery claims that he likes older lady xD HAHAHA

p/s: Mr Yeap, dont angry ya ^^

leave comments telling me how you eat k?
share share maaaaa

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Saturday, March 29, 2008 Best Friend Ever ^^

Cute Quotes

♀(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♂

Hey guys...take a look of this...i personally think that its soooo touching and sooooo nice ^^
Its a video made from one of my best friend from Australia..her name is Una..
ps : Pronounce Una as in Yuna =)

Ive known Una for more than...3 years? xD
In an online mmorpg game called flyff..

Actually i got to know her from my other fren...Melvin...We played flyff together
ish...miss those days tho ^^ it was so fun playing together...

But after form 5, Melvin went to further his studies in UK..
so..we got seperated and he no longer plays it anymore...pity...

As i was saying...ive known Una for so long and she is a wonderful friend
Actually...of all of the friends i know...
Una might be the best one altho we never see each other before...

i dunno...its just something i feel...
Whenever i talk to her on msn...it almost feels like ive known her a long time ago...
as a good friend...it feels kinda warm...

We talk about almost everything xD
And she has a great brother too LOL
Steven is his name =)

Anyway...i wanna say ty Una...for everything?
Uve always been there to help me in times when i needed...
Ty for being such a good fren ^^

I doubt ill find anyone better than you as a friend anymore...
Not everyone could find such a nice fren like you...who cares about you so much...
and im happy i did xD
I hope we could meet someday ^^
i really do...then we can talk like mad all day long =D
Till that day...lets hope and pray k?

Ill cherish our friendship forever~

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Friday, March 28, 2008 Boring speech -.-

Cute Quotes

♀(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♂

Today me and my coursemates attended the 'MIX' Launch in our college. Its some program that teaches you about the latest technology in the world. Because im studying 'Microelectronics With Computer Communication' , something to do with networking and stuffs, so i decided to join.

Ps: The next MIX Launch will be in Las Vegas o.O

Well, actually the launch last for 3 days...today is a talk...ppl from Microsoft giving speech and introducing about this event. The other 2 days consists of training and learning, where we get to do some stuffs in the work shop =). After all this we'll get a .NET certificate.

So anyway my topic today would be...about today's talk...-.-
At first...the talk was interesting as the ppl from Microsoft was very good in explaining the launch. He was very funny. I couldnt get any pic here cos i was sitting at the back of the hall >.< too far away. Well...the fun stopped when an advance diploma student from our college gave his speech...it was...damn boring...

He was like...uhh...this this...uhh that...that....that...uhh...
His english was not good and he talks damn slow and soft...its like hypnotizing us to sleep...omg

To make things worst...after that horrible lecture...another guy stepped onto the stage...ANOTHER advance diploma student from our college...

This guy's name is Jazz...His email address is very interesting tho...Jazz_lemon_tree_club@ dunno wad....HAHA so.....cute? o.O He claims that he registered this email add a long time ago with a special meaning to it...so...it was o..k i guess xD

Ok back to the topic, as i was saying..this guy here...was even worse than the guy before.
He goes like uhh...the....this....uhhh....the....that...uhh...uhhh.........-.-
I was thinking... 'You havent had ur breakfast izit' zzz

Well, his speech had something to do with the internet...so he needed an internet connection.
As we all know...the connection in our school...was terrible. Amazingly slow...
So when he was trying to upload some photo's into the web browser...LOL...the com hanged...

ps: not hang for 1 min....but for a long time...

The students there started to talk...so did i xD
Suddenly a man came to the rescue....someone from Microsoft...again...
This guy was very good in his speech also...he was quite funny =)
But after a while...he needed to pass the mike back to that student...

The student tried again...but the connection still failed him...
He straight away ended his speech by saying 'Thats all for my speech' -.-
What a shame zzz So embarrasing

Because of all those boring speeches...i caught some frens of mine sleeping xD HAHA
One of them is someone you all are familiar with...he became quite popular here after i posted him on this blog...

Yes...its him.....HUAN~ xD HAHA

Heres a pic of our lovely Huan sleeping cutely LOL

The guy sleeping is Yong Yeik...we call him YY xD
Luckly i wasnt caught sleeping HAHA honestly i slept a while myself -.- i couldnt help it..
i didnt mean to be rude sleeping while others are giving their speech...but.....^^ hehe

Well thats all for today...i couldnt take more photo cos there's just nothing interesting happened and i couldnt get close enough to take a photo of the guys from Microsoft =)

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Cute Quotes

It's a must to see this video


this kid is fabulous!
for sure he'll be the next GARY 曹格 when he grows up

enjoy ^^

u'll laugh non-stop!

the influence of 超级星光大道 KENG..

go update urself now if u have no clue what it is

because even a 3-year-old kid KNEW! xD

enjoy ur day everyone..

it's FRIDAY~ yuhuuuu

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008 3rd dissection

Cute Quotes

Had ur meal? If u haven't, it is encouraged to do so first..








ahahha ready??

My 1st dissection was on semester 2,dec 07..
I was terrified when I knew that we MUST do dissection for at least TWICE this semester onwards..
I was like..
but now Im in semester 3 & enjoyed dissecting now =D
im a FREAK xD
even He said " lu siao eh.. ane geli pun say song.. "
BUT i still enjoy the process and i hope you enjoyed when Im explaining ^^
okayy.. for the 1st time, we're having a normal size frog to dissect..
before dissection

Do enjoy this video.. The heart is still pounding!

okay.. for the second time, it's a SMALL rat..
Im having fun since the 2nd dissection
weeeeeeeeee~ *smiles wide*
Before kena
We had to measure the length of intestine, so it's a must to KOREK everything out..
Im so sorry -.- forgive me will you cute little rat? xD
The length of its intestine

The 3rd time of dissection is this morning!
And... the lecturer in charge isssssss...
tadaaaaaa... let me introduce him because he's unique!
Dr John, a full-time vet, part-time reproduction and development lecturer
*he's here just to teach this subject, so we'll only see him once unless kena repeat la... CHOI! touchwood *
He's only 31 & he likes to chat + kaypo VERY MUCH!

" You all can take photographs & videos but make sure dont post it up in friendster or youtube.. I dont wanna see my face there.. please do blur my face up 1st if you really want to post OK?"
Let's start the day now!
cute kah? They're HUGE compared to the mice in 2nd dissection~
ALL tak gerak tak gerak tak gerak after dichloroformkan.. awwwww T.T
Dr John's going to demonstrate for us before we start dissecting..
He's very CHO LO but he keeps reminding us to be GENTLE =.=
see? He keeps on tearing its skin.. tear tear tear tear tear.. ughhh

dissecting a rat is a piece of cake for him.. seeing him TEAR KOREK TEAR KOREK TEAR KOREK...

definitely an expert in explaining but im not listening.. ahaha

Im busy capturing him *wink*

Dr John: please do it gently when you all do your dissection arrr
All of us: Sir, u like that dissect call GENTLY ar?
Dr John: gentle in terms of not cutting the big blood vessels..
He took ONE hour to demonstrate and we only have ONE more hour to dissect..
so we have to move fast!

It's HUGE.. ahhhhhhh
BIG tail... yuck!

Hui San and itu me with mask.
She's not doing the dissection because she's scared.
The smell is horrible kay? TAPI I DID THE DISSECTION =p

After dissection

p/s: the bloody hands belong to ME and Im taking the uterus of the rat

From left: Hui San, Chai Rou, Me & Wei Hao

tengok? my bloody hands prove that I did the dissection, so does Wei Hao!

sangat busuk! uggghhh

but i enjoyed =D

syok tak my course?

Syok lahhh xD

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Huan~ ^^

Cute Quotes

♀(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♂
Hmm one of my good fren said that i didnt post anything about him in my blog...and he cried T.T <---Like this
so ill post something ABOUT him now HAHA...
Hmm shall i describe a lilttle about him?
His name is Huan..our coursemates call him king kong...i dunno why o.O but i never call him that
His tall...quite handsome...(single and still available) xD
His a very nice guy =) A good fren and he might also be a good bf LOL
His good in his studies and also good in games -.- especially dota xD
Anyone who loves playing dota can find him LOL
Oh yea...one thing...he's a big fan of Justin HAHA
If u wanna know anything about justin, u can just ask him ^^

Here's a picture of Huan and justin
(This is only one of many pic he took with Justin -.-)

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Monday, March 24, 2008 cute and funny xD

Cute Quotes

♀(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♂

Have a look at this clip guys =)
its sooo funny and sooooooooo cute ^^ lol
I got this clip by one of my best friend from Australia...Una
Thnx una ^^

(o^.^o) ♪♫ Sayonara~

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Saturday, March 22, 2008 ♥Love♥

Cute Quotes


started with just one look

once we met on 23rd Aug 06, destiny brought us together

Courage comes with

Star remains up in the sky watching over u although u do not see it. Thx for being my star <3

The most beautiful commitment of is believe

Overlapping of two rings brought two souls together, His & mine

Anytime, anywhere feel the sweetness of
It was not a coincidence that we met but rather fated destiny.

Wish what you wish for, will definitely make it happen
I never thought that just by putting a simple ring on a flipped book would create such a ly image

just by thinking of you, grows
is in the air when u're by my side; surrounds my heart when our rings collide


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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

Jeffrey Ooi

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