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Saturday, March 28, 2009 earth hour!

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im blogging in the dark~
saja wanna prove i love the Earth xD

fresh air, i need! <3
lights off for an hour, make a HUGE difference

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 当我们同在JB~

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偶展开了第一次的南下之旅 (:
米卡公主的王子载了偶们四人去My Friend吃晚餐

海鲜东炎汤 酸辣酸辣
Maggie Goreng Mee Pattaya 稍油

去了米卡公主的皇宫住一晚 聊天 休息
梳洗后 米卡公主载偶们前往CitySquare逛
去Sizzling Stone吃早餐

黑椒薯泥 比某某快餐好吃

不错啦 香~

逛了下下CitySquare 又去Pelangi
大众书局的promotion 人多到.......

午餐吃了面粉馃 入口滑滑香香 Oiishii des!

载米卡皇后回皇宫 唱下K 去Jusco买野餐材料

晚餐 Taman Molek的现代启示录

烤黑毛猪肉片好好吃 快在槟城/吉隆坡开分行!!

Miso汤也好喝 refill了两次 xD

装饰很有feel =)

口爱的Gong Gong 听话+乖
它是偶目前认识 第一只会自己散步的狗

前往Desaru的路程果然遥远 半梦半醒去吃强记肉骨茶
比较喜欢槟城钟灵对面的 药材味重到有点苦

下水后 咸咸海水和着海风


尽兴 欢乐 ^^
但偶真的不能完全融入大家 我真的尽力了
去了华美吃烤面包 香香甜甜
晚餐 为食坊 大大盘
吃撑啦 东西都不错 个人较喜欢xo酱炒饭

米卡地王子载偶们去Danga Bay
灯光气氛都不错 就是某种族多了些
三辆脚踏车开始没规矩地比赛 :D
我拍的 美叻 xP
早餐 点心 糯米鸡很软好吃!
健康咖啡厅 Bo Cafe

感谢米卡的王子接送+请我们吃东西 不好意思让你们不能过两人世界


麻烦各位真不好意思 >.< 谢谢大家!


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Monday, March 9, 2009 fun shopping day!

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went sunway pyramid to shop yesterday. so funnn and mincci made TWO hilarious scene for us to laugh on. ahahahahha read this post patiently to know what she did harrrr :P

photo sessions before going out :)

the journey from genting klang to sunway pyramid was long and tiring, with all those bus-LRT switching. sighhh reached there at 2 i think.
bumped into TEE YEE and YORK FUAN when we're at asian avenue!! super high and busy talking until we actually forgot to take a photo. aiks aikssss
watched Marley & Me at 410pm after shopping for 2 hours+! ^^ two thumbs up for the movieeeee! okay, i cried~ xD

had our dinner in Ajisen Ramen

dear's bento (okay i forgot the name)
mincci's bento (yes again~)
my chic teriyaki set! (finally i get this right xD)

mincci bought this dress!!!!!!!!!!!
so girlish and so not her style right? anyway, she looks good in it (=
it's time to C.H.A.N.G.E her style and start searching her white prince!

ahaha here comes the 1st one. i was trying out short pants in rufus id and they're too big for me. Mincci wanted to try so i gave her one and i headed in to change. there's a huge mirror facing us when we got in and it reflects the 4 fitting rooms to 8. Mincci did not know and she actually "walked" to the 3rd fitting room on the left, which is basically the mirror! She nearly knocked the mirror and Dear saw the whole incident and burst out laughing nonstop ahahahaha too bad i missed it. tskk tskkk tskkkk

Scene 2. Mincci wanted to buy LRT tickets to Wangsa Maju. Instead of saying WM to the person in the counter, she said Kelana Jaya which is our current location. There were 2 guys 1 girl inside the counter and everyone including dear and me went blank for one second and continue with wahahahahahah =DDDDDD yes Mincci's so blur and kawaii that day~ ♥

Poladroid! nice? found out this software when i was blog-hopping. Just wanted to share to all of my readers hehehehe here's the link and enjoy it everyone.

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