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Saturday, June 20, 2009 outdated updates II

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went KLCC when Mincci's out for Fish Leong's concert. a lil date *heart

had our dinner in Subway & love the big sandwich :DDD

my eyelashes & my bun with ribbon ^^

how do i look with my hair all tied up?

tried it once this week, i got good feedbacks from girls & harsh comments from guys.

"You look like a cancer patient"

"You look like a type of fish, 罗汉鱼"

Instead of giving comments, i think it belongs to the catagory of personal attack. Think before u actually voice up ur opinions, people may feel insulted. Im not pissed cause it's over. It's easy to forgive, but it's hard to forget. I'll try different unique styles and i wont get affected by the small population of childish human beings that repeat over and over again for the same damn thing. Dont you get bored? Grow up kiddo!

okay, off to my lab reports again sighhhh T.T

ps: Live 4 Dead does help apabila beh syok/ pek chek :D

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 outdated update xP

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yes, this blog has been abandoned for a long long time :D
sorry for those who keep refreshing and get ntg new here hahahah
just wanna share smtg, outdated very very long ago =.=

i was admitted in Hospital Lam Wah Ee around may, due to throat infection . i had fever for 3 days, threw up several times, couldnt eat much & mum suspected dengue . went LWEH for checkup, no dengue but throat infection so still have to admit >.<

luckily i met a good nurse who makes my admission successful without any painful experiences HAHA 1st time to be so ill and admit for 3 days!

the 3 days in hospital were a total disaster, i cant sleep well at ALL! imagine u have a dengue patient beside you who 24/7 cough, a 80-year-old grandma breathing heavily opposite, how to even sleep? sighhhh luckily dear, mummy & some close relatives are there for me almost all the time to make me not so bored xD thanks to everyone who actually visit/call/msg-ed me! hehehe

Lil pressie to cheer me up, from Dear & his family =)

before blooming

after blooming

im back to the healthy me again after 2 weeks & off i come to KL to continue my Advanced Diploma in Science cum Bachelor in Science (Chemistry & Biology) this super super tiring & stressful & not-fun-at-all course

saw my bacteria infection on my nose? The pimples get worse & got scratched by my infectious finger so kena like that =.= got better now but i think it'll have reddish permanent scar *sob*

祸不单行. had toothache on the 1st week i came back KL, went for several dentist and RM650 flied! According to the dentist, my tooth is very serious & cant be filled, either pluck it or root treatment. Since my teeth arrangement is already so nice after orthodontic and it'll definitely affect after plucking, i chose the expensive & pain way, root treatment =.= Now im fine, still sound & healthy! shoooooooooo bad luck gone~


stay tuned, will update VERY SOON~! hahahaha

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Sensitive, sentimental at times. Dreamy & enjoy life to the max!~

an aries penang babe with attitude! simple life full of excitement. hearts dear & friends & family. alive, GLAMOROUS and that's me (:

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