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Monday, February 23, 2009 girls time~!

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I dont get to meet alot of friends in this sem break. sighhhh everyone's busy with their own life

thurs gossip time!!! :D
had lunch with andrea, mincci, yx and cyn. YES, the semi-hibernated cyn xD we threatened her for a few days just for a lunch!! aiks aikssssss

camwhored in McD

Cyn left earlier and we continued to gossip for a long time (: it's really fun chatting together. The best part is the horny guy la k? xP Dont judge a book by its cover tsk tskkk!

We walked around in Gurney Plaza after that and tried 1901's hotdog.

same pair of hands, diff watches on 'em!

Finally get to meet Xue Jing and Eunice on sat night ^^ Gan gained weight again ahahhaha and im not really into the uni topic lol. had a great time meeting with them anyway. awwww i miss the secondary life when i get to tickle gan and mess up her hair!!! :D

sigh 3rd sem timetable is out, im going back to coll's life, exam's result coming out so soon, im going to be 20!!!


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Friday, February 20, 2009 buffet in traders

Cute Quotes

yes, i wear the same dress again on wed!! ahahha but with diff heels & black stockings :D

my mum's colleague, allan uncle resigned to start off a lil business and all of them decided to have a farewell dinner at traders hotel. I went because they'd booked and one of them cant make it! YAY :D

the salad area

sashimi!!! yum yummm

sushi area =p

shrimps, oysters & crabssss

the main dishes
thumbs up for the curry salmon head!!!!!!

<3 the tiramisu, choc brownies etc etc etc!

marshmallow with choc! slurrrpppppp
mummy & friends chit-chatted until 9 somthing and we leave
the dinner was fine but i dont think it worth the price, not much variety and not really hojiak xD
some yucks, some okay, some hojiak, some very hojiak
HAHA but okay > yucks > hojiak > very hojiak
LOL dont sue me traders! im saying the truth =/
in the toilet (:
helen aunty
after i curled my hair, alot said we're sisters GRRRR im only 19!!!!!
wookay, going to 20 in 2months time......sigh

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Sunday, February 15, 2009 Valentines Day ^^

Cute Quotes

♂(o^.^)o o(^.^o)♀

Happy Valentines Day

Dear its our third valentines day dy ^^ ♥ Dear ♥
soooo happy and excited xD
♥ Ive never really gave you anything ♥
♥ or did anything for you ♥
Well because last years Valentines was a failure so
♥ Sometimes i even hurt you ♥
this year dear and i made preparations in advance lol
♥ for doing something stupid ♥
♥ Sometimes i may be abit emotional or sensitive im sorry, so sorry ♥
Well i managed to borrow my dad's car on Valentines
♥ but thats because im not self-confident ♥
so we booked OBAKE-YA for dinner on Valentines Day
♥ Sometimes i feel unsecure ♥
8.30 pm sharp
♥ Maybe because you tend to overlook small stuffs while i care about it ♥
Its a restaurant near CITITEL♥ Sometimes those would make me feel...cared...loved ♥
which serves japanese based foods
♥ Im really sorry dear if i ever gave you any pressure ♥
♥ I just feel that i need you alot, need your care, need your love, need you attention ♥
We decided and agreed not to have any surprises
♥ Im really glad for having you dear ♥
on this years Valentines
♥ altho ive said all those stuffs earlier, but that doesnt really matter ♥
Instead we bought a pair of Laconic couple necklace
♥ for me, you're already my dream girl ♥
Its pretty nice and so is the price ==
♥ you always try your very best to be perfect for me ♥
It cost us RM180 for them
♥ you've changed alot since the first day we met ♥
with life time service for washing the necklace
♥ Its like you're a totally different person now ♥
or replacing the "gem" stones
♥ I can see your effort dear, i really can ♥
♥ and that effort gave me the courage to trust our love, to know that you really love me ♥
Dear gave me a big surprise tonight ♥ it must have been tough right dear? Im sorry ♥
she did makeup for the very first time xD
♥ you've done so much for me ♥
and omg she looked awesome *weewit~* ♥ and yet i did nothing for you ♥

totally my kind of dream girl ^^ 100 mark!! ♥ Being with you always makes me happy ♥
♥ Sometimes i may be over protective ♥

well we thought of going to QB for a walk after dinner ♥ but i just dont want to lose you ♥
but the place was totally crowded from inside to outside ♥ because no one can replace you in my heart ♥
I even suggested to watch a midnight show in the cinema ♥ you're the one and only girl that i'll ever love ♥
but i thought that it might be full so forget it ♥ Ill try to be a better person, to be a better boyfriend ♥
actually all the places were full of humans! ♥ I know im not a good one yet, not good enough ♥
we didnt have any other place to go ♥ But i hope that you will give me some time ♥
not even starbucks or Mcd ♥ I swear that i'll change for you ♥
♥ I just want to tell you dear that i love you ♥
so i took dear back to my home ♥ I cannot describe the love i have for you ♥
for a personal private cinema (inside my room ==) ♥ But i really love you alot, alot, alot, more than anything ♥
we watched a movie with my com while lying on my bed ♥ I cannot lose you dear, i wanna be with you forever ♥
and i drove dear back around 2am ♥ and im sorry for everything that i've done that hurt you ♥
♥ and thank you for everything you've done for me ♥
Dear i had so much fun tonight and u were amazing ♥ I love you dear ♥
thnx alot for spending ur time together with me ♥ Happy Valentines Day ♥
and for being so pretty and gorgeous ^^

I love you more than anything dear
If i had one wish for tonight
I wish that i could spend every single valentines day with you
for the rest of my life =)
Love you dear xoxo
Happy Valentines Day~!

Well here are some photos to be shared ^^

Our Laconic necklace xD

The one with the blue gem stone
and with the word "Fiore"
is mine

and of course
The one with the pink gem stone
and the word "Lamour"
belongs to dear

They can be combined
to form a complete single
rectangular shaped necklace

With the word
"FioreLamour" behind

Even the bags are nice xD

Ok enough with the necklace
time for dear to come out xD

She took all this before i pick her up
Pretty aint she? xD

Sadly though the lighting of the restaurant
was a lil dark
So we couldnt manage to get any nice pics
well atleast the environment was romantic xD

Took this back at my house
Inside my room xD

Well thats pretty much everything
So once again
happy Valentines Day Dear ^^
Love you sooo much~ xD

(o^.^o) Sayonara~



Monday, February 2, 2009 moooo year!

Cute Quotes

stayed at home whole day, enjoyed my lunch & dinner with family members. it's been a long time since we last sit down & talked. chatted, watched some cny special shows. nothing much.

went kek lok si to visit grandpa in the morning. i think i've accepted that he's gone after 2 months+. gonna really miss him ALOT!!!!! stayed home because couldn't go bai nian T.T went dear uncle's hse to have dinner at abt 8 smtg. enjoyed drinking diff types of cocktail =DDDDDDD. chatted with his cousins & relatives. FUN and YUMMY!

not going anywhere in the afternoon too, parents said traffic was terrible and preferred to stay at home. "ku kong" from kulim came over, chatted & play with the cute lil girl =) NIGHT TIME again! this time is dear grandma's house. tried tequila pop and all sorts of cocktail again. gamble & liquor until 4 in the morning xD

started to cough, pimples popped out!!! ish i mean ALOT of pimples popped out!!!!!!!!! GRRRR dear & mincci came over for steamboat dinner ;) he was nervous, 1st time meet with my grandma, uncle & aunt. the existence of mincci do helps, thank~ mincci left on 9smtg to queens for movie & we gambled =)

went to mum's office, got some ang paos & shop a lil. bought a mini skirt & jeans at prangin. i need a purse, girly purse xP mum dropped me to dear's hse at 7. his mum cooked lots of creative dishes & all of us enjoyed very much! finger lickin' GOOD auntie! =) cocktail again ahahahhaa malibu + pineapple juice is my favourite for that night.

GIRLS DAY! cyn, yx, mincci, andrea & me decided to meet up at gurney. cyn fetched me & we were the only two ON TIME *shakes head* saw tze yee when we waited for yx at kim gary, alot showed up there. wei ning, eunice, poh li, tze yee and more~ took some pics and some decided to go sakae for lunch. left 5 girls in kim gary, andrea surprised cyn at 1pm i think (to andrea, banyak late la u this girl xD) this is the 1st time meet up with andrea in real life. she's really spontaneous and talks real fast! super high & excited at all time!!!! not used to the moveable andrea LOL we should meet up more often k? love ur energy ^^ some friends left and shopped a while. oh ya, the x'mas pressie from dear finally arrived and the bag is cute! thanks cyn for helping me to take the bag from miyoki and of course thanks dear~ teeheeeheeee

went queens and dad present me a watch for my excellent result last sem, thanks!! the optical mouse was a gift. yuhuuuuu~ love the watch xP shopped a while and went to hai bui for dinner. disappointed with the dish and everything. i think it's not appropriate for an adult to insult ppl indirectly, especially the one who's kinda close to u. please think before u actually speak out.

didnt take much pics nowadays due to my pimples =/ i should stop eating those fattening cny cookies + cakes! ughhhhhh

lipstick jungle here i come!

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