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Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Blood test!

Day 26

Fasting in the morning for my blood test! Maybe because of the seafood & ice cream & soya bean i had yesterday night, my blood test was.... wookay ._.

My hemoglobin level is 12.8g/dL, which is perfectly OKAY to donate blood~ but sighh my blood pressure is too low. I've been monitoring my pressure for a month and it's pretty low :( I WANT TO DONATE BLOOD! =)

Everything is good except for glucose and cholesterol on the higher range for my age!! *screamssssss* My total protein level even exceeds the rangeeee! ughhh i should stop eating peanuts and all the beans products. Will do another blood test before my intern ends which i do not hope to be coming so fast =/

Just so happened to bump into something that im not supposed to be seen/known. Not a good day afterall.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 25

Feel really really tired after the LONG weekend. ughh 7 days working in a row doesn't work for me. Need rest! I'm basically yawning throughout the day.

Fyi, im working as a promoter in Giant Hypermarket Bayan Baru for last weekend. Not much customers and quite boring. Known some promoters there and they've been pretty nice =)

Have a great dinner with my aunt & uncle. Fish porridge steamboat with outside drizzling is awesome; baskin robin after that makes the day perfect! :D

Need some sleep now, shall update more tmr. Ciaoz

I'm exhausted from inside out. :(

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Friday, March 26, 2010 Inai~

After 34567890863 times of resizing, finally photos are up! =.= I did inai in the lab today~ hehe.. happy happy~ Kanapati (not sure whether his name is correctly spelled) did inai for me & rou. He's really good in drawing inai, he done each in around 5 minutes time! Awesome lahhh! loves loves lovesss.. I just HAVE to show all of you how beautiful the designs are..

On my left hand, the process is basically like drawing icing on a cake xP He has talent on drawing la.. so patient & creative~
The color after the dye fades in 30 minutes. I prefer it in darker color, looks more striking and the design can be seen clearly. =)

Rou's left hand. Do observe closely on the design! It keeps the discussion on in the lab xP When you see it in the way i capture this, looks like an old man wearing a high hat right? If u rotate it 90degree, it looks like a goldfish! Another 90degree rotation (upside down of the original photo here), it's like a bird flying downwards!! No kidding. AMAZING huh~
Kindly presenting the awesome Kanapati.. ;D Took this secretly in the lab while he's drawing inai for rou *shhhhhhh*

Nge nge also must camwhore with the inai after reach home HAHAHAHAHA o.O

An old lady passed away this morning due to septicemia. It's too late when the blood culture shows positive, sighhh :(

A HIV + Syphilis (Sexual-transmitted disease laiii) REACTIVE patient's urine sample is sent down without a thunder cap which indicates reactive sample! The colleague in charge of the urine section totally got shocked when she knew it halfway handling the sample; got very very very paranoid afterwards. She wore two layers of gloves and two layers of face masks when handling the sample, changing gloves every time she touched something close to the sample. She makes me feel scared while helping her to disinfect the section and the strips! xP Fyi, the unit which sent down the sample straight kena NCR aka non-compliance report immediately for that. o.O



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 23

No room for mistakes if u're working in hospital; all details have to be checked repeatedly to ensure that the correct result goes to the correct patient.

I dont think i can handle such routine life. What to do? One more year of college life left, im gonna fully utilized it =D

p/s: Good luck to all other TARCians who's going to have their exams on April~ Gambateee (:



Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 22

Something quite ridiculous happened today ;D I was in bacti section and they're busy screening for a SPECIAL case. A 60+ lady's sputum contains a type of bacteria (i forgot the name dy! omg) that only can be found in male's private part. Ahem 60+!!! >.<

There's also once where a 70+ lady's urine ada spermatozoa~ Nothing impossible nowadays huh o.O

Still cant update my blog with pictures; lousy internet connection =/



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 21

I attended a talk today about Nestle HealthCare Nutrition Products. The nutrition executive from Nestle shared some benefits of the newly launched products to some staff nurses and trainees. I learned loads of facts in the 1-hour talk regarding on the whey protein, fibers and some other high nutritional value ingredients (: Besides, I got a goodie bag with a banana raisin muffin & 2 samples nutren optimum.. hehe

Oh oh, there's also one weird case in the hospital today. One patient who did leg operation is found out to be anemic, then do transfusion lor, but he shivers and suffers from minor chest pain. It is the first time i encountered transfusion reaction. After that, his son donated blood and it is transfused into the patient, but still not working! Two transfusion reactions in one day?! Crossmatching and direct coombs tests all show compatible but reactions still... THIS IS SOOO WEIRD o.O

Im almost done with the urine section because there's only few tests, will be going to microbiology section to learn smtg new xP loves learning new things~



Monday, March 22, 2010 uekkk urine!

Day 20

My first day in Urine Section! Not bad, exclude the smelly urine AND mircoscope. Ishh observing slides under microscope really just not my thing! I'll get dizzy whenever I observe ONE slide under microscope. Any ways to prevent that? >.<

It's very subjective in this section, where you have to observe & make conclusions by your own about the color/condition of the urine. Urine has alot of colors, eg. light yellow, yellow, amble, brick red etc etc with different kinds of conditions, eg. hazy, cloudy, clear etc etc! And all of those you just have to observe it with ur naked eyes.

For slides, it's even worse! you have to search for the components that should not be present in the urine eg RBC, WBC, bacteria etc etc. However, it'll be some epithelium squamous (skin cells) that'll interfere your slide. It becomes harder to determine and find. In a nutshell, you need experience to be in here~

Really confused with all the things in the slides and i need time! :D 9 more days there and hopefully i can learn asap =)



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 19

It's the last day in BB, the last day i can be so relaxed, the last day i can joke with Moli the cute staff nurse dy =/ *sad*

Donors are quite active today, so does the blood requirement from diff wards; prepared cryo & clear out expired FFP from the freezer (:

Asked about all the details before leaving BB, have to do revision :(

Another week passed!!!~ Weekends are gonna be awesomeee =) Will be going to botanical garden with grandma + mum on sat morning & relaxing on sun ^^

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 18

Not much work ;D All my colleagues are awesome~ If i HAVE to work in Penang, LSC will definitely be my first choice!

Just wanted to share a cool mv by Lady Gaga ft Beyonce - Telephone. The ads in this mv definitely give Gaga a whole stack of cash!

One more month to my birthday! ;P



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 17

Almost one month doing my intern already, and im having loads of fun! (: I feel so hang fuk staying in home sweet home except the routine quarrel with bro sighh. I'll be going to Urine section for the next week & Deepa will be guiding me throughout the 2 weeks *excited* Im sooo ready for learningggg =D

A boring day still, my flu is still on the progress of recovery. I've been drinking a lot of water, vitamin C and avoiding some yummy deep fried food. I want to be healthy! ^^



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 16

Boring after the BUSY monday >.< Why everyone's so into blood tests & donation on monday?! It's been questioning me on the 1st day of my intern until now o.O

Had fun again with all the Indians with language teaching lessons! I know and still remember quite a number of Tamil vocab :D

Vanakam = Hello
Nanderii = thanks
Siri = Smile (:
Kunjem = abit

Always love to play with my colleague with " SIRI.....kunjem kunjem....." and she'll be laughing nonstop! hahah so cute^^

Nee dumba alaga iruke for all my female readers; Nee dumba handsome iruke for all my male readers~



Monday, March 15, 2010 Tamil learning day ;D

Day 15

today was fun overall (:

Donors came one by one, and we have our own sweet time chatting around~ hahahha :D

My indian colleague taught me Tamil & I taught her Hokkien! omg that was hilarious.. we laughed non-stop for the improper pronounciation and everything..

Ama in Tamil means yes, u have to add "ge" in Tamil when u talk to elder ppl.. so summarizes become ama bo ge means grandmother doesn't have teeth in Hokkien!!! LOL just one small joke to share.. ;P

Want me open a little Tamil class here? I'll consider when I see the response~ hahahahaha



Friday, March 12, 2010 Sick

Day 14

Got really sick yesterday night, Moli spread the flu virus to me! =( My whole body aches throughtout the day.. sighhh my mum said it was balasan from yesterday! ishh

Ate Clarinase given by my colleague & feel better afterwardss :D Today very senang, only one xmatch & 3 donors.

I walked under the rain jz now and im worried abt me getting serious. touchwood! Fingers crossed, i will get better & enjoy the weekends! ^^



Thursday, March 11, 2010 guilty :(

Day 13

Alrighty, i failed terribly today!! omg omg im sooo guilty~

I poked my mum's colleague once to check whether it's eligible to donate or not, tapi black green and bengkak because i did not hold the syringe frimly and it moved. A little fact to share, once the syringe moved, even a tiny bit, there'll be NO blood coming out from the vein. So the staff nurse cucuk again for the second time >.<

After that, i cucuk the BIG needle for blood donation also tak boleh! He doesn't have a main vein, so i have to poke his side vein (more difficult k?!). When i poke, the blood spurts out, i got nervous and take out the needle which is TOTALLY WRONG to do so. So, another bengkak + black green. I made both of his hands swelled, super guilty and apologize apologize apologize for that! zzz Mum treat him something that evening for doing me a favour and i still don't feel good. :( soweeeeeeeeeee *innocent eyes*

Continuously did several xmatch, very free after that. Colleagues started to discuss abt relationship topics xD And all of us girls got so excited cakap nonstop, got several conclusions after the fun chatting moments ;P
ps: It's solely MY OWN conclusion, ignore 'em if u dont think so.

1. Girls easily get furious over minor stuffs & they let their emotion to control ;P
2. It is almost impossible to upgrade a best male friend to boyfriend.
3. It is good to be attached before you start working.

Some may hold diff opinions, but surprisingly all girls in the lab agreed with conclusion #2. When i was having this type of conversion with other girls, some said firmly that it's what makes the relationship stronger.

One colleague of mine got attached after knowing a guy for 1 day, their relationship lasted SIX years until now! I believe in love at first sight, the sparks are undeniable (:

Im one lucky girl to have you dear~

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 12

Loads of donors came today, good day!^^ Did xmatch as usual and successfully rmb all the volume of reagents/rbc concentrate/serum required. Awesomeee ;P Looking forward for tmr because i can observe allergic tests & draw blood from someone else! muahahahahhaa

Before finishing work, my female colleague allowed me to draw her blood! omg i was terrified for 5 minutes, but insisted to do it. It's a great opportunity for me to learn and im glad i took the challenge. Was really really really worried that i may hurt her. Did the procedures with her guiding me and it goes smoothly i guess. Will check for any bruises from her arm tmr. Tsk tskkk :D

Fyi, im planning for my birthday celebration! It's on 17th of April, and for those buddies in Penang pls make urself free kay? Will confirm with you guys later on for preparation of food. For those who's outside Penang/M'sia, sry if i do not invite you k? I know it's hard for you all to travel all the way to Penang just for my birthday and I really understand that! Dont be furious if you're not invited k? it's just a small bday celebration and i hope you guys understand my situation =)

ps: My connection does not allow me to post any photos still, even in fb! o.O

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Day 11

I did all the cross-matching for the day! (: Got several grumbles from the staff nurse but whatevarrrrrr~ Im getting good with it.. Lemme explain what's xmatch. It's a necessary procedure to be done before transfusion to ensure that the antigen on the rbc does not react with the incoming transfused blood. Extremely important & there's no room for ANY mistakes! *touchwood*

Was quite boring, less donors today. Received good news after work; mum's colleague will go LSC to donate blood on this coming thurs & im drawing his blood~ yuhuuuuuuuuuuu excited!

Getting good with my intern life ;P



Monday, March 8, 2010 new section

Day 10

Really nervous when im observing nurse/lab tech drawing blood, feeling a little nausea when i saw the tube/bag filled with blood. o.O Surprisingly im fine today and i can look directly to the tube/bag without feeling dizzy xD *applause*

Encountered crossmatching, blood grouping, filling up forms & book for donors, separate packed cells & platlet and store 'em properly today. Basically it's almost all for BB.Glad that i've learnt new things again (:

Will try to familiarize with the section. Going to do QC for crossmatching tmr! =D worried that i may confused the amount of serum/rbc concentrate/A cells/B cells/diluents all uppp.




Saturday, March 6, 2010 getting along

Day 9

we've get to know each other more in the lab, and chatted through the working hours (: Got to know more people makes my dull college life a little excitement? Im glad to actually be able to involve in LSC for internship as i think all my colleages are awesomeee! They're young, funny, cute and great! Maybe it's in Penang makes me feel more of being myself i guess.

I should be satisfied ^^

Im switching section next week, Mr Loh allowed us to decide on our own. It'll be BLOOD BANK! ;p So ready to conquer my fear, anyone volunteer for blood donation pls come LSC k? Let me practise my skill xD Im ready to learn like a spongeeeeee~

Dear's back this weekend so we'll be going around and that's why two daily posts of my working posts delayed. Tsk tskkk. buhbyee~

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future plans?

Day 8

Normal routine lab job, then we went to our lab manager to discuss about our current situation, FYP and future plans. We chatted, exchanged our minds and maybe it's a bit clearer now? Not blaming anything and i understand the pressure exerted by many sides, just trying to be positive will help ;P

Was thinking real hard for my future life.
Going to UK for another degree, get a job there and settled down? Back to Penang once in a while for parents & food?
Back to LSC working, get married, have kids?
Anything but not KL, dont like the harshness, traffic, food and everything there.

Thoughts flowing around, mind becomes emptier..

No, i have no idea what's my future plans.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010 boring

Day 7

boring boring boring.

I yawned every 10 minutes?! Did RPR manual tests for control, refill the tips for pipette and prepare the stain.

Nothing special and it takes sooo long to reach 5.30pm.

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mood swings

Day 6

Geez, trainee is no longer allowed to touch all patients' samples. If you wish to run the tests, take ur own blood. Im not really ready for blood tests, so yeah. big sighh

Both of us scored well in this semester =) My study buddies all did really good job, exclude someone who unwilling to tell me how's her result so im not really sure xD You know who you are my girl~ lol big applause to everyone and 2 more long sems to go for CB students, 1 short sem + 1 long sem to go for MD students!!

nothing much for the day after the release of the result. Not even get to put the samples in the machine to run?! Is that a possibility of error when a trainee put sample in the machine? o.O curious. I can get it for manual tests, but machines? come on, we're there for internship but not observational training. It's an opportunity for us to train our practical skills. Does observing help on practical skills? Definitely not much compared to doing the tests by our own.

Not gonna comment on much, this is a public blog after all.

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Monday, March 1, 2010 Day in LSC

Day 5

Great day! (: Busy working for the whole day & time fliesss~ Able to help them to lighten their burden on monday makes me feel a sense of success =D *wink* Handled whole stacks of blood test blue forms from dialysis patients, preparation of HbA1c reagent for glucose tests, perform some manual tests by myself, centrifuging the samples, saw Chigungunya IgM & ANA manual tests and performed once with guidance, know how to differentiate the samples to Axsym or Architet machines makes me feel soooo like a lab tech ;P Looking forward for section switching next week! FYI~ I'll be drawing Rou's blood & she's going to draw my blood very soon. Will update to u guys whether i fainted or not LOL Hope i can conquer my fear, i ada confident!!!!!

I'll be soooo not concentrate during work tmr =(

Cny post still cant up due to the super slow internet connection! arghhh stay tuned la xD

and, keep reminding myself abt the proposal tapi laziness took over. What to do? big sighhh

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