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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 New year, new resolution

Time for new year resolutions again, reviewing the past year's resolution makes me realizes i actually did achieve something :))) here goes~~

1. Get a first class degree and get out of KL
DONE with flying colors~ ^^ and get out of KL immediately! lol

2. A semi-pro/better digital camera
Checked! My Canon baby S95 is doing a very good job. HAPPY :D

3. A job with GOOD pay xD
Considered a yes? It's been a very good experience and the job has been teaching me a lot. Very glad to get a very good offer from my manager, appreciate it but yea, I'm moving on!!! ^^

4. Skincare and makeup routine
Been quite good with that and still improving!

5. Long straight hair
soooo checked! xD although I'm planning to chopping off one inch before CNY, still consider long?

6. Spend more time with Family
Almost a year in Penang now, still doing quite fine :) Another 1-2 years time in Penang and I will be off again to another unknown country (hopefully). Penang is great, but 2011 helps me realizing that Penang will be my hometown but not really the place I'll be settling down~

7. A trip to overseas (exclude Sg & Thai & other nearer countries!)
Unfortunately, I just went to all the exclusion countries (Thai & Sg ONLY!!!!) O.O Couldn't make it for another year as well so it's off from this year resolution T______T

8. Keep in touch with friends
Doing this pretty great too! got to know more friends because of the job and catching up with old friends alot too! *wink*

Last but definitely NOT least, TOP PRIORITY to the max! No 9! Be lovey dovey with Dear *flying kisses*
The sixth year and still going strong! :D a few minor bumps but still doing fine.. Definitely a lot more to improve for both of us, and we'll work through this, together! ^^

Very proud of what I achieved so far (EIGHT out of the nine resolutions ticked!), and for 2012, I don't think I will be making any new resolutions (keeping the 4,5,6,8,9 of course!) because I'll be going through a completely new stage of life, will only know how my resolutions would be after stepping in of course. I have made my mind, hopefully it works out, AND IT WILL BE :DD

Moving out from a comfort zone is something big when there's so many unknowns here and there. Hopefully things wont go haywire pweaaase *begs* Really thanks for all the support and advice from family, BF and my girls <3

Wish me luck people, and I wish everyone the very best for 2012!



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