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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 Hire Me? :)

Graduating from college/university indicates the start of working life, an entirely new phase of life for everyone. With the current education system in our country, I believe not much fresh graduates are mentally prepared to step into the Real and Cruel environment.

Maybe because I was involved in recruiting field previously, it makes me realize that geez! almost 50% (or more) of the fresh graduates do not have the right attitude and mentality to actually start working. Work for the sake of money, carefree attitude, lazy, very dependent, giving tonnes of excuses for your own mistakes and the list goes on and on. You bringing that to the interview session AND working life (so happen that day is your lucky day then, or should I say the employer's bad day) = you're doomed!

If you happen to realize you're one of them, good for you! At least you know, care and will start thinking about it eventually. What's worse is that teenagers/young adults nowadays don't know what's wrong with them, and think that it's okay with their attitude. It's killing me, when I'm surrounded with those kind of young adults, I couldn't and shouldn't voice it out to them. I'm just merely a peer aite? I'm at no position to randomly went all out at a random young adult or even a normal friend. I did scolded a few interviewees though, those who really don't even bother to wear formal wear to interview, walk into the room unprepared, just literally stick to the table while answering questions. Yes, it kinda ticked me off and I really wanted them to have the RIGHT attitude! Hope they do realize I'm doing it for their own good =(

It gets into my mind, again. So here I am, with a wordy tension-releasing post :P

Till then! ^^

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