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Friday, March 9, 2012 Dream

I've been abandoning this space for quite some time, it's time to wake bloggie up a little~ :)

Life has been great so far, made a move on my life and has been enjoying that ever since.
Making choices is always difficult, especially on the first step. I've been struggling for months, taking advices from dearly friends/experts here and there, making myself confused, looking alternatives, finding ways to accommodate and tadah! I've made my move, one step closer to get what I really want (hopefully :P).

A dream can be as simple as greeting yourself with a big wide smile everyday. Everyone has different dreams or paths to pursue. It is important to have a dream or a target to achieve for. Life is worthless if there's no goals, no? Work for the sake of getting tonnes of money doesn't bring you to somewhere you want. It will, getting you a better lifestyle, a better house (not home), security, etc etc, you name it. That's it, you'll stay stagnant, earning money repetitively, getting promoted at times, doing the same thing over and over again. If it's the simple thing you wanna do for the rest of your life, good luck with that =) I really do know some people just wanted that, simplicity.

Working aimlessly is never my cup of tea. I don't, and never will settle down because of that. I wanted more, and I know some of you do too. Instead of thinking/considering about the consequences or the circumstances over and over again, just take the first move. You'll never know what you've gotten into unless you take the initiative to get into it. It may be the wrong one, you may fall down, get really grumpy, blame yourself about the shitty decision. Yeah, life is not that easy. It takes maybe 1000 wrong decision to lead you to ONE right one. It hurts, but at least you tried. You've no regrets when you look back, or a lot of what-ifs in your mind when you're thinking back when you're about age to settle down.

Oh my, I've really grown up that much huh =O

Never give up on something you really want.
It's hard to wait, but more difficult to regret.

Till when I'm inspired again. *waves*

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